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aafiyah Healing Workshop

Learn The Techniques Used In Aafiyah Healing... 


...With an option to Certify as an Aafiyah Healing Practitioner


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6-7TH MAY 2023

In This Workshop, You'll Discover:

Energy Healing

Trauma Identification & Release

Holistic Mindset & Lifestyle Improvement

Go deep into the world of Natural Healing

Teachings taken from traditional healing methods have been combined and put together to create the easiest and quickest methods by which lasting results can be achieved in the healing process.

This course is ideal for practitioners of holistic therapies and those that simply want to know more about this field.

Students will be taught how to channel energy naturally and use it to assist in the healing of a variety of ailments.

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The chance to learn about simple forgotten healing techniques to help yourself and others

A unique opportunity to explore and unleash the power that lies within you

Easy to Apply techniques for clearing emotional baggage and attaining well-being

Natural methods that are in line with the Qur’an and Sunnah

Who's it for?



For your own personal development and to help yourself and your family (no previous experience necessary)




To  apply in your practice to help your clients and patients

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"Aafiyah Healing is a viable and most needed approach in the 21st Century..." (Luthfa)

What Makes Us Different


There are many courses available online around healing, but it becomes confusing to establish which ones are the right courses for you, and which are appropriate to study as a Muslim.

The Aafiyah Healing Workshop covers everything holistically you need to know about emotional and energy healing; both in theory and in practice. So instead of enrolling into multiple programs, the workshop condenses everything nicely into one workshop.

It's easy to become unsure about online courses that are based on Western concepts, which may sometimes conflict with Islamic Teachings.

The Aafiyah Healing workshop distances the doubts and focuses only on the techniques based around Islamic values.

Everything covered in the workshop is within the bounds of Islam and passed through scholarly advice, so you can be rest assured this is a safe space to study these techniques.


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See What  Zain Bhikha says about Aafiyah Healing:


Zain Bhika's sister is an Aafiyah Healing Practitioner and can't stop saying good things!

Recommended by Both Medical & Non-Medical Practitioners

Dr. Nadeem Bhatti (Glasgow) says that is more integrated model of mind,body and spiritual

Counsellor Imam Habibur Rehman says this is another dimension in order to help people

Patrica  Mansion CEO of Academy of Life Coaching is really grateful for this course

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See What  Shaykh Babikr says about Aafiyah Healing:


Shaykh Babikr is a well-respected Islamic scholar, teacher, and public speaker.

Meet Your Host


Zuhair Girach is the founder of Aafiyah Healing; an alternative healing modality focusing on physical and emotional problems in line with the Qur'an and Sunnah. 

He is a qualified Clinical Psycho-Hypnotherapist, Counsellor and Hijamah therapist and has trained hundreds of Aafiyah Healing Practitoners all over the world.

He is known for the ability to readily identify his clients’ underlying emotional root problems and proceed to effectively combine various healing techniques and therapies to promote ‘deep healing’ and emotional releases, ultimately leading to holistic well-being.

Zuhair Girach is a Recognised and Approved Training Provider by International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine (UK)

Enrolment Details & Course Format:

Aafiyah Healing Workshop

  • Online over zoom (We don't have any LIVE offline events currently due to the pandemic)
  • Workshop runs over 2 days
  • Full interactive experience

  • Fun and engaging environment

  • Join in discussions and ask questions

  • Live demonstrations and exercises

  • Get feedback on your methods

  • Support from Zuhair & other students
  • 1 year access to the workshop replay

Course Outline

Day 1

Energy Healing Workshop

  • Introduction to Energy Healing

  • Realm of Energy and the different forces

  • Traditional Healing Methods

  • Grounding 

  • Learn to Channel Energy naturally

  • Self Healing

  • Healing Others

  • How to work with all sorts of Ailments

  • Distant Healing

  • Energy Meridians and Energy Centres

Day 2

Emotional Healing Workshop

  •  Introduction to Trauma

  • Emotions and Trauma

  • Working with Clients

  • Tapping

  • Aafiyah Release Technique

  • Trauma identification and release

  • Positive Affirmations

  • Lifestyle Changes

Upcoming Dates:

6th-7th May 2023    


PRICE: £895

(ZAR 8950)

Payment Plans Available

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What Other Students' Say:

Huma Ashraf

The workshop has been extremely beneficial for myself and In shaa Allâh for others too. Practicing as a hijama therapist for the past 10 years, Aafiyah Healing has just put the cherry on top of what i currently do...

Brother Zuhair, Jazak'Allahu khairan for taking the time to show us an amazing way to heal ourself and others. The workshop has been thorough and was delivered in such a way that you just want to practice what you’ve learnt straight away. Everything you need to know in just 2 days! Subhan'Allâh amazing!
I have already started working on clients and the results have been phenomenal. Clients who have been long term sufferers of anxiety have felt a difference when i have practiced techniques taught in the workshop. I just want to complete my hours in order to progress to the in-depth course In shaa Allâh.
Lots of dua'a for you and your family. May Allâh swt reward you and bless you in achieving what you wish to accomplish through Aafiyah healing.


Alisha Ramzan

I Attended the aafiyah healing workshop to further my understanding of my own journey, having had aafiyah sessions with my own practitioner, I wanted to get a deeper understanding of this form of therapy. I found the two days very well laid out, the information was presented in a fun and easy way, each step explained and every question answered. The workshop has shown me how to take the skills and apply them to my own daily life as well as to help others. I have been inspired to practice on family and in Sha Allah take this further with practice. The workshop linked everything to Islamic belief perfectly and equipped me with all the knowledge I would need to practice. Felt very supported and comfortable throughout the workshop and would definitely recommend to family and friends. Aafiyah healing is very powerful and more people need to know about this.

Thamina Khanom

This workshop is current and very relevant for our time!!!!
I did the two day course to understand brother Zuhair’s model of holistic therapy linking and combining our faith with energy healing and to alternative and complementary therapies. Subhanallah, trialed and tested - I was amazed, it works.
I feel this relief and excitement that finally some one has put the two together that helps us strengthen to overcome and understand our problems be it physical or emotional.  I am some who has forever researched in neuroscience of the brain, started CBT, attempted hypnosis therapy to reprogram my mind to over come my issues of anxiety, fatigueness and major confidence self esteem issues that’s hindered my entire life - but none of that really helped rather put a hold on my issues. I would find peace in Salah and Zikr but then emotions would come back with memories so I was always left in this limbo.

The workshop is cleverly designed and structured. It’s a combination of multicultural history, science, ancient wisdom, concept of energy healing, and the techniques required  together to bring about a new form of holistic therapy connecting with your mind, heart body and spirit. Brother Zuhair is creative in his delivery - and his one liners are extremely rare and amusing! Alhamdhulila. Great character.

It was an awakening experience for me, one that I wish to share with everyone and they continue to spread the message.

I can’t thank this Brother enough for his efforts on this mission. I thank Allah for the opportunity and thank Br Zuhair of the experience and knowledge.

Amirah Zaky

The 2-day Aafiyah Healing Workshop has provided me with powerful tools and techniques that I can use on myself, my family, and my clients to heal a variety of physical and emotional ailments. During the workshop, I was able to witness firsthand just how effective these techniques are. I am now very excited to put these techniques into practice with my own clients and work towards practitioner status. I highly recommend this workshop to everyone!

Zaynab Asghar

I've been interested in Aafiya healing for some years now, however, I never took the step to sign up for it because I always had those niggling doubts about it. Those doubts diminished once I started my own spiritual journeying towards Allah and His Messenger via Tassawaf. I know that my faith is in 'safe hands' with Ustadh.
Post-workshop, alot of emotions have come up for me, I have literally felt like 100 miles per hour train of emotions has hit me. I am so thankful for, finally being able to find a path of healing that does not compromise my faith, in fact, it complements it.

Farida Ali

I attended the 2 day workshop in July as a very last-minute decision. I’m so pleased I did! Whilst it was quite an intense 2 days, I gained so much insight and found immediate benefit during the practice sessions as well as thereafter. I regularly practice the different modalities and can affirm how much calmer and peaceful I feel despite my situation not necessarily having changed much. What has changed is how I respond and not react. I have recommended it to a few of my friends as I see the emotional healing that needs to take place that is hindering us from moving forward in our lives. Alhumdu’lillah the course fuses the different modalities from an Islamic perspective thus aligning it with our faith.

Farida Rahman

Aafiyah Healing offers you  practical workshops to teach and demonstrate the wonders of emotional and energy healing.
Brother Zuhair has extensive knowledge and experience in this field which he shares with his students in a relaxed, learning environment. He expertly manages to simplify ideas, theories and healing techniques with an Islamic twist to help us on our healing journey.
Instead of becoming overwhelmed with all this new material, I felt I was able to understand and apply the techniques immediately. Students performed these techniques in class and we saw immediate results.
I have suffered from. Rheumatoid Arthritis for over 15 years. Doctors say there is no cure and I struggle to live with the pain. However through this course, I have discovered that my illness is related to my emotional state and that my body can heal. I have already used some techniques to lower my pain levels.
This course has not just provided me with valuable knowledge but it has also given me hope for the future.
Thank you Aafiyah Healing for opening my eyes to the power of holistic medicine.

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