Aafiyah Healing Practitioner's Journey

 A Journey to Aafiyah...

The Journey of an Aafiyah Healing Practitioner. How did they find Aafiyah Healing to becoming a practitioner themselves

Rayhannah Omar



Years of chronic pain, released. A marriage on the rocks, revived. A haunting trauma, relinquished.

My initial introduction to Aafiyah Healing was through family, friends, and strangers over the last 8 years: people whose lives had literally changed, by the Help of The Almighty, through Aafiyah Healing.


Zarita Mahomed


By qualification, I am a Graphic Artist, the concept of portraying and presenting things beautifully and perfectly was instilled in me from a young age. I had a vision of how everything and everyone around me needed to be. From when I was a child, I always claimed to be a very sensible, wise for my age and a down to earth person. 



Saleha Islam


My journey to Aafiyah Healing started in 2014. I had been feeling overwhelmed at work for various reasons, I was always pushing myself to do better, but what I was noticing was that I was incredibly stressed.


Zainab Patel


I started this path by being ‘pushed’ into it. My aunt and brother constantly told me something was wrong with me, why was I not listening? And not listening has been the theme of my life until I came across this modality, which taught me to become completely aware of my body and what it’s telling me; to listen to the body.


Rifat Sultana


While browsing through Facebook one day, I came across a very interesting post. I was instinctively drawn to the contents of this post. It was about the Aafiyah Healing webinars led by Zuhair Girach. And then I found out a friend of mine had also completed it and convinced me to go for it, as it had been beneficial to her.



Parveen Dodia



All praise and thanks are to Allah, the Most High. Nothing would be possible without His Grace, and I am eternally grateful for that. He SWT guided me to Aafiyah Healing and it truly has been the greatest blessing. Spending years trying to think of a way to help family, friends and all others yet not wanting to sacrifice time and responsibilities towards my family, Aafiyah Healing enables me to do it all, Alhumdulillah!


Iskander Abbas


My Journey to Aafiyah Healing began in 2018, four years prior to which I had gone through an unamicable divorce, self-represented in the family courts, suffered sciatica and spiralled into an emotional low, left feeling like a mango that had its juice sucked right out. I decided it was time to heal from within, to let go of that which didn’t serve me and rebuild my physical, emotional, and ultimately spiritual self. 


Fatima Noor Chand


So many of us focus on our past or worry about the future and it messes up our thoughts and feelings and vibration that we are giving off to others. Stay focused in the present moment–if you are washing the dishes–focus on the washing, if you are in the shower–focus on washing your body, if you are driving–focus on the driving. These are three key times during our day when our thoughts go into OVERDRIVE.


Usman Qureshi


My journey with Aafiyah healing has been transformative, guiding me through encounters with well over 150 individuals. With each session, I delve deeper into the cauldron of human emotions, enriching my empathy and understanding. As I immersed myself in this practice, I became finely attuned to the concealed struggles beneath seemingly composed exteriors.


Farhana Abdul-Kader


My journey to Aafiyah Healing began after two very significant events: Firstly, experiencing very challenging circumstances in my personal life and, secondly, the realisation that I was powerless to help all the emotionally distressed people who came to me for support and guidance.


Naasiha Haffejee


I was a stressed-out mother (mother of 5) who would be triggered by multiple aspects in life. I lost my joy and was constantly tired and disconnected from my soul. After the initial sessions in the workshop, I felt extremely energised, calm, yet nauseous. Grounding assisted. I saw immediate shifts within the children as well over those three days. The results amazed me.


Fahmida Abdul Gaffar


Before I discovered Aafiyah healing there were a lot of patterns in my life which was on autopilot. For me this healing has been nothing short of a miracle. I have had a lot of ‘Ahaa’ moments. I was in total shock when I discovered I was a people pleaser. I thought I was being kind but instead I was giving my beneficial time an energy away spending it on people who did not matter


Ummyra Hussain


I worked in the highly rewarding and equally stressful Early Years sector for over a decade. In my mid 20s I started experiencing excruciating pain, fatigue, brain fog and low mood which worsened over the years. Some months I’d feel great and then I would crash. Eventually my dr told me it seems I may be suffering with fibromyalgia. I began trying to manage my symptoms best I could- taking plenty of time off work, weekly massages and homoeopathy. These strategies gave short term comfort but did not heal my issue.


Leyla Ata


The wound is a place where light enters you, suffering is a gift within it is hidden mercy.
My childhood began my journey through the dark world, I was a stranger within a family, Left abandon in my pain, I became invisible. As time pass, I began to have openings, people of all ages began to show up and each one would leave me a lesson and comfort. At the age of 12yrs. I began observing people’s behavior. A girl going through trash looking for food, a boy with bruises and I wonder what was happening in their world to bring them pain all long I was the one silently moving through mine.


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