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Sobia Ahmad

Sobia Ahmad is a certified and accredited Holistic Therapist (Aafiyah Practioner and Hijama Therapist) successfully coaching her clients with various health problems based in Glasgow, UK. Originally trained as an aesthetician, and running my own business, I took a career break and am a mum to 4 boys.  

I had always been intrigued by how the mind can influence emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual health, which led me to my own healing journey. I am here to help you go from surviving to thriving, address and release trapped emotions, and create who you want to become. Therapy is an opportunity to honor our experiences, acceptance, forgiveness, self-love, and experiencing a life of joy, peace, and more vibrant health. The past creates our present and the present creates the future, so take this opportunity to heal yourself and make positive changes

Website: www.Serenitymindbodysoul.co.uk

Email: [email protected]

Insta: Serenity.mind.body.soul

Tel: 07827526665

Appointments are available via face-to-face, online zoom, WhatsApp, and facetime.

Rafina Hussain

Rafina Hussain is a Qualified Islamic counselor registered with BACP who also uses the Aafiyah healing modality. She works with women who have been victims of Domestic violence and abuse providing 121 support. She also works with complex trauma and enables women to rebuild and move on with their lives. She is based in Luton UK and offers sessions via zoom/WhatsApp.

Currently offers sessions via zoom and WhatsApp.

Email: [email protected], Website: http:/rafinahussain.wixsite.com/spiritualtherapy










Amienabie Dastagir Harnekar,

The need for teaching and empowering people and in doing healing heart, mind, body, and soul. I believe that we can make positive changes in our lives to live healthier life - body, mind, and spirit. A journey of getting to know one's self, and our Creator.

I have worked with many clients and facilitated positive changes in their lives, empowering them to stand in their own power. They have in turn impacted other areas of their lives like their work and their relationships.

I facilitate many workshops, two of which are very popular, the Focus in Solaah / Mindfulness. I have been working in and around the broader Cape Town community and abroad.

Call or WhatsApp to book your healing session or workshop to experience what cannot be expressed in this biography




Call- *0812707317*


Ferial De Jongh

My journey in healthcare began as a personal one. I have been in the field of Natural Medicine, including training for the past 15 years.  Alhamdulillah, I've completed two formal university degrees in 2010 in Complementary Health Sciences and Unani-Tibb/ Greek Arab Medicines. In 2015, after already exploring other more holistic therapies to complement my services I officially did the Aafiyah Healing Course/Workshop which at the time was a 3-day weekend workshop, that at first, had me questioning how something could be so easy yet so effective and so non-specific yet so precise!

For the past 5 years to the present, I present and produce a weekly Sunday morning radio program on Radio 786 called Healthwise; for your Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual Wellbeing. 

Current activities:
- Consultant for one-on-one and group sessions in person and online sessions using all studies and skills to date.
- Therapy-Based Workshops, online and in-person.
- Launch of two new health programs coming soon! Currently used on an individual basis.

Contact: [email protected]


Samia Shafiq

My youthful days had inspired me to set up a Life coaching company based on my Life Coaching, CBT, and Behavioural Sciences Therapy qualifications. I delivered Personal, Emotional, and Social Accredited (NCFE examining board) training programs successfully to schools and for organizations over the 7 years.

​In this time I also worked for many organizations as:

Mentor(Secondary schools), Life coach (Secondary schools), Life skills Tutor & family support worker (Children Centres), Emotional Health & Wellbeing Practitioner (Primary & Secondary schools), Youth practitioner(Young teens excluded from schools & PRU schools) and Senior Emotional Therapeutic practitioner (CBT, based with 15 onwards to the age of 70).

​In 2020, I have had further progression in Hypnotherapy(NHS Accredited), Aafiya Healing (Holistic Therapy IPHM Accredited), and Psychotherapy (NCS Member). I thereby introduce Inner Reflection Therapies, in which I have incorporated Islamically integrated psychology to help tailor my service for Muslims according to their beliefs and my Non-Muslim clients according to my Western-inspired psychology.

​Having comprehensive tools has enabled my service to be extended to different people from different walks of life.

Contact: [email protected]

Rafet Khaliq

‘become sound or healthy again’

I am Rafet Khaliq and my mission is to empower women with the simple, swift, and organic way of healing, for them to have an effective tool kit to heal themselves through the various obstacles faced in life, I am driven to serve the communities of women and help them transform to become the best version of themselves. Having helped clients through their journey including depression, anxiety, rape, child sexual abuse, childhood traumas, narcissistic spouses/parents, and much more, recognizing that everyone has a unique journey, therefore a unique healing process.

Certified as an Aafiyah Healing Practitioner and NLP Practitioner, which include Timeline therapy, Emotional Foundation Techniques, Emotional Healing, Energy Healing, working with root cause analysis creating a ripple effect of easing physical pain, emotional trauma leading to a better outlook in life and wellbeing, this positive change filters through into relationships, work, personal and spiritual wellbeing.

[email protected]


Based in Elderslie in Scotland

I am happy to travel to provide a face-to-face service up to 15 miles. I also provide a remote service via ZOOM or other platforms if required.

Rifat Sultana

Rifat Sultana is a Certified Aafiyah Healing Practitioner, based in Bradford - UK. She has successfully helped people in their healing journey on a range of physical/mental health issues such as; a variety of Phobias, Grief, Haemorrhoids, Sciatica, Ulcerative Colitis, Arthritis, and Emotional blockages, etc. 

Being a mother herself, she is highly passionate about working with the younger generation especially and understands their anxieties, worries, and struggles. Her experience of working in secondary schools particularly, with students between the ages of around 11-16 has given her the confidence and experience of being able to easily communicate with them at their level. Rifat works with passion, dedication and has a good rapport with all her clients, to date. She is an easy-going, empathetic, and zealous individual with a passion to do her part in helping humanity through Aafiyah Healing. 

She operates under the name of ‘SMILE to RISE’, currently offering sessions globally via WhatsApp/Zoom. 

Email: [email protected]

Facebook: SMILE to RISE 

Instagram: smile_to_rise 

Work mobile: 07856507080

Ummyra Hussain

My name is Ummyra Hussain, I am blessed to be an Aafiyah Healing practitioner and have worked in the Early Years Sector for over 10 years.
Currently, I work as a Deputy Manager and Special Educational Needs Coordinator at a Nursery in Sheffield.
I also provide 1:1 mentoring for teenagers.
My BA Honours in Education, Psychology, and Counselling hugely supports my work as a practitioner.
I have a real passion for healing/recovery and supporting my clients with finding inner peace.
My aim is to provide a safe healing environment, face to face or via video call. I will check in with you between sessions and carefully tailor each session to meet your individual needs.

If you're ready to embark on your healing journey, get in touch for a free consultation.

Email address: [email protected]
Telephone: 07787291979






Kareemah Goodman

I am a Certified Aafiyah Healing practitioner, Auricular Acupuncture Therapist and Geopathic clearing practitioner.

The intention has always been to want the best for others as I want for myself. I assist clients with managing their pain, be it emotional, physical or spiritual. Clients are people from all walks of life, all over the world. It has been a blessing to be able to have the above modalities, especially Aafiyah healing as a tool to restore balance to peoples' lives and see how they bloom. The goal is to always be of benefit to others and teaching others the tools for the importance of self-awareness and self-care. I offer distant healing sessions and 1 on 1ns.

I am currently based in Cape Town, South Africa.
Contact: Kareemah Goodman
Cape Town, South Africa
Cell:+27 832802217
Email:[email protected]






Amirah Scarisbrick

Amirah is an Aafiyah Healing Certified Practioner located in Liverpool, UK. She is a Neil Yard Remedies Consultant with a certification in craniosacral fascial therapy with the Gillespie Approach practitioners, USA. She also has attended Mizan Abdominal Therapy training and has delivered a number of wombs well-being workshops. She has accreditation from Journey of Young Women training from Katherine Kruger the USA as a mentor and facilitator for supporting women through different rites of passage such as puberty, childbearing, and menopause. Her work is focused on alternative approaches to mental health and wellbeing.  She has a treatment space and shop in Liverpool called Sacred Space.

Phone: 07515633681  Email: [email protected]                Sacred Space: 94 North Hill Street, Princess Park, Liverpool, L8 8AG




Umm Sadiq

Umm Sadiq is an NLP coach, Timeline therapist who also uses the Aafiyah Healing modality. She works with women to heal from the past, letting go of negative emotions, releasing their full potential, and find their life purpose. She is also a blog writer for Conscious 11 and has the vision to provide women with tools so that they can create their own internal safe haven. She runs daily what's app challenges for women and is part of community projects to empower women. She is currently based in the north of England and offers sessions via online platforms: WhatsApp / Zoom / Skype.

Email: [email protected]  Website: www.conscious11.com








Suraiya Nawab

Suraiya Nawab is a certified Specialist Wellness Practitioner with over 30 years of experience in the field. Suraiya practices from a holistic perspective and includes Aafiyah Energy Healing together with a range of complementary modalities such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, NLP, Hijama/Cupping, Marital Counselling ( Including Intimacy ), Family/ Divorce Mediation, Life Coaching, Mindfulness, Trauma Debriefing as well as Anger /Anxiety Management and Prevention. Suraiya is a cancer survivor and has written a book on her experience called, "Finding Allah: My Journey Through Illness ". She is passionate about wellness counseling and assists many patients with Aafiyah Healing pre/post Chemotherapy. Suraiya practices in Johannesburg, South Africa, and consults globally on Skype, Teams Video Calling, or in person.

               Facebook: Suraiya Nawab                        Instagram @nawab_suraiya Website: nawabsuraiya.wixsite.com/website.     Mobile :+27 82 785 0858

Radiyah Ali

Radiyah Ali is an accredited and certified holistic health and wellbeing practitioner based in Redbridge, London. As a Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) practitioner of 20 years, she uses analytical strategies to improve thoughts, language, and patterns of behavior for clients' personal growth and development. She uses the benefits of hypnotherapy to reprogram the mind to achieve success. Therapy sessions cater to Muslim and Non-Muslim client's needs, using different modalities and techniques such as Aafiyah energy and emotional healing.

Her vision is to inspire clients to take responsibility and to empower themselves to contribute to their health by embracing self-healing and growth. She uses proactive guidance and support through workshops and social media in harmony with all things natural and healing, providing a flexible and affordable service. One-to-one sessions via Zoom or other online platforms, face-to-face sessions in the local area (subject to Covid restrictions), group workshops, and therapy packages.

Email: [email protected]  Website: https://www.allthingshealing.contact



Rayhannah Omar

Haafidha Rayhaanah Omar is a certified multidisciplinary wellness therapist.
She facilitates heart-centered healing for Muslim Women using the Aafiyah Healing modality.
Rayhaanah Omar has established The Art of Resonance, a consulting company to support emotional literacy amongst Muslim women, and is the founder of Fee Qalbee, a Quran Memorisation mentorship initiative for women seeking to memorize The Qur'an.
She is currently based in Malaysia and offers sessions via online platforms: WhatsApp / Zoom / Skype.

Email: [email protected]
Website: www.theartofresonance.co.uk










Saiqa Akhtar

Saiqa Akhtar is a Certified Aafiyah Healing Practitioner and is based in Bradford U.K. She has wealth of experience working with children and families and is a qualified Early Years practitioner. Having worked in multi-faith diverse communities with people from all walks of life for over 20 years. She runs mindful sessions for children aged 4-9 years utilizing both Aafiyah Healing and her Early Years expertise. As well as mindful sessions for mothers online. Saiqa is an NHS champion and delivers mindfulness and relaxation meditation for women.
Saiqa Akhtar is the founder of Holistic Wellness focusing on the physical and emotional wellness of women and children. She delivers sessions online via zoom, Whatsapp, and Facebook.

Email:[email protected]  Instagram: saiqa_holisticwellness


Naseem Adam

Naseem Adam is a mother and wife. A deep-rooted love for nature, gardening, education, arts & crafts. Also, a certified & time-served Adult education tutor, trainer, and coach. Currently working at a local community center that serves people with disabilities. More recently Naseem has achieved great successes in supporting clients through the modality of Aafiyah Healing & heart-centered coaching making fundamental shifts with deep-rooted emotional issues and physical ailments. Naseem draws upon her 20 years of professional experience along with personal challenges in navigating clients on their route to wellbeing. Deeply passionate about helping you to achieve the best version of yourself despite difficulties and limiting beliefs. The caterpillar in the cocoon has to go through the struggle to emerge as a beautiful butterfly.

Currently offers sessions via zoom and WhatsApp.

Email: [email protected]



Mogammad Armien Abraham

Mogammad Armien Abrahams is a Certified Aafiyah Practitioner focusing mainly on the body's emotional and spiritual healing. Mogammad Armien is passionate about natural healing and is practicing for over 6 years with astounding results and testimonials. By using the Aafiyah Healing techniques and incorporating various other modalities, he is able to balance the energy within the body and your surroundings. Mogammad Armien also offers distant healing.

Contact: +27 0731907838 for telephone WhatsApp
one-on-one consultation.
Mogammad Armien resides in Cape Town, South Africa. email:[email protected]






Fatima Noor Chand

Fatima Noor Chand is a Certified Aafiyah Practitioner, Quantum Healing & Body Alignment Practitioner. Focusing on the body's emotional and Spiritual healing. Fatima is passionate about Holistic Healing. By using the Aafiyah Healing techniques and incorporating the other modalities, she is able to balance the energy within the body.She tries to inspire women to take responsibility for their health by embracing self-healing & self - care. Fatima also offers distant healing. She is currently based in CapeTown, South Africa and offers sessions via online platforms: WhatsApp / Zoom 

Fatima Noor Chand
Cape Town
South Africa.
Cell: +27 790244603
Email: [email protected]
Instagram: Withinyou28