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I’ve just listened to the last session and SubhanAllah it’s allowed me to let go of a grudge I was holding due to feeling used by a family member. It was painful both physically and emotionally. I feel so much lighter at the thought of just letting go and forgiving.

I just want to say a big thank you brother Zuhair, lots of duaas for you, Ameen.


This is a healing community

A place for you to come home to your highest self with live healing sessions, special training, and direct facebook group support!


What is the Aafiyah Healing Community?


- An online community that gathers twice every month for exclusive live healing sessions with Zuhair Girach to help you expand into your highest self, heal your wounds and become fully empowered step by step. All live sessions are recorded for those that can’t make it to the live sessions.

- A new exclusive training every month by our expert guest on the topic of spirituality, self-healing, and life transformation.

- A SAFE PLACE with like-minded individuals in an environment that promotes support, guidance, and deep healing at a physical, emotional and spiritual level. A Facebook group community with direct support from Zuhair Girach to help you do the work on expanding to heal your relationship with yourself. 

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Subhan'Allaah. I've Learned/am Learning. Keep Conscious of Allaah Azzah Wajal and seek attachment to HIM awj and Rasulullah (SAW) ~(Always) as that is the True Source of Peace, Hope, and Contentment, utilize what I have been taught for self~healing and to help "All" whom I can, with Gratitude and Sincerity make efforts to grow the innate "Goodness" which Allaah awj Has Placed inside me.
Bi'idhnillah, move past the memories, triggers, people and environments which have held me back and step into Sunshine
Subhan'Allaah. The Help of Allaah Azzah Wajal, Unquestionably NEAR! Alhamdulilah.



➡ Suffer from chronic pain

➡ Ongoing anxiety and depression

➡ Bouts of low mode and sadness

➡ Unable to sleep and get a good night's rest


➡ Troubled and traumatic childhood

➡ Physical or sexual abuse

➡ Problems in marriage

➡ Unable to maintain relationships


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I joined the group healing sessions in November 2020. I was surprised that I released deep-rooted shame during these sessions. I grew up in a family that carried shame and our family problems were aired in public. I was molested as a teenager and carried this shame for 30 years. Years of shame was finally released completely in these sessions. I am in awe of the techniques used by Aafiyah Practitioners and grateful for the opportunity in the comfort of my own home and privacy.


The live healing sessions benefited me greatly.
I had severe sciatica pain in October and was starting to recover but unable to sit for more than 5 min.
After a couple of times with these sessions I could suddenly sit again for long periods without pain subhanAllah.
This is very powerful if you allow it.
I thank brother Zuhair deeply for giving everyone the opportunity to test it out and I highly recommend attending these sessions.

Z, Norway

I joined Br. Zuhair's healing sessions in November and I was blown away. He talked us through a very powerful healing meditation that just washed away all my aches and pains in my body. Each session that I participated in, I noticed that my body released the aches and pain more rapidly and easily. This amazing feeling, pain-free and calm stayed with me for several days, and then I 'topped up' with the next session. The sessions gave me the ability to allow myself to heal. Totally incredible!


Are you ready to embark on this exciting and transformational journey?

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  • 2 Live healing sessions with Zuhair Girach
  • 1 expert guest training session
  • FB group support
  • Exclusive discounts for other Aafiyah Healing programs and workshops
  • One month rolling membership

Subhana Allah. Learned /Learning to Keep consciousness of #Almighty# that is the whole meaning of Emaan. And the Learning of Rabb ul Awal. The time the Last Messenger was born was in the month of spring. Which I have nowadays not very Highlighted # in this generation Education.
When the Purpose of For the sake of light in the world ISLAAM was preached and perseverance to get to this far was by the History of Messengers.
And the resources little there were living within those times.
The True meaning and Devotion are with Tauhed.



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