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SubhanAllah, after a free trial of the Community Healing I loved the power of it, especially the Islamic aspect and subscribed right away.

I knew I needed to discover more about my aches & pains when at times the doctors were at a loss.
I did various other courses such as Qigong, breathing excercises and Hijama where I learnt about clearing the energy pathways in order to live a healthy life.
I am learning all these techniques to be the best version of myself, be more productive in all areas of my life in order to achieve my goals and have a greater connection with Allah swt, InnSha Allah.

I also wanted to help my nearest & dearest with their physical & emotional pains, InnSha Allah.

Listening to Brother Zuhairs talks on the psychological affects on the body of unrecognised & unprocessed traumas & emotions led me to go further and do other courses with him such as DTR & Aafiyah Healing.

In Brother’s sessions, I love the Spiritual aspect of the Community Healing and feel glued to his words. I especially enjoy the guided meditation element of it.

Healing the body through focused attention and controlled breathing is something that is wonderful. Thank you to Brother Zuhair for bringing this blessing of AllahAzzawajjal to our attention.

The monthly sessions make you take time out of your busy life to look after yourself and therfore look after those around you.

You have to be prepared to do work on yourself to see results...hard work pays off SubhanAllah.😊

I find that the recent sessions have been quite helpful where Brother Zuhair takes us through specific cases, which helps us learn the steps of his methods.

I would definately recommend the Community Healing sessions for anyone & everyone who wishes to improve the Quality of their life.
Even if you are receiving therapy, the Community Healing subscription is a great way to motivate you to continue the Maintenance of the inner works, which is essential for a healthy life, SubhanAllah


This is a healing community

A place for you to come home to your highest self with live healing sessions, special training, and direct facebook group support!


What is the Aafiyah Healing Community?


- Our community meets twice a month for exclusive live healing sessions with Zuhair Girach, featuring expert guest training on spirituality, self-healing, and life transformation. All sessions are recorded for your convenience

- Join like-minded individuals in a safe environment that promotes support, guidance, and deep healing on physical, emotional, and spiritual levels. Get direct support from Zuhair Girach through our dedicated Facebook group 

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I have been part of the Aafiyah Community from its onset and I can honestly say I benefit tremendously from these sessions. The sessions are delivered effectively in an easy to understand manner. This is a safe place to ask questions in a non judgmental environment. The sessions serve as a reminder to stay focused on what is important in a world that is becoming increasingly confusing and uncertain. The sessions benefit my own well being and motivate me to strengthen my relationship with Allah SWT.
Br Zuhair’s words of wisdom are truly inspiring, and are helping me in becoming a better person and a better Muslim.
I would highly recommend joining the Aafiyah Community - it is money well worth spending.


We all want a quick fix but unfortunately, nothing works that way not even meds
I have suffered from ocd for 24yrs I can’t expect to recover with the click of my finger
Self esteem is so low, not at all sure of myself
Alhamdulilah with the help of Aafiya Healing I have come along way, alhamdulilah thinking a little more positive
I still have a long way to go
But I know my “long way” will be with aafiyah healing
it’s about your mindset, loving yourself because Allah loves us, Allah Does not want any harm for us only that it purifies us and makes us come closer to him
Mashallah every session brother zuhair says something like he gets it
I tell many of my friends about Aafiyah Healing
Inshallah, very soon I would love to do the deep trauma release.



➡ Suffer from chronic pain

➡ Ongoing anxiety and depression

➡ Bouts of low mode and sadness

➡ Unable to sleep and get a good night's rest


➡ Troubled and traumatic childhood

➡ Physical or sexual abuse

➡ Problems in marriage

➡ Unable to maintain relationships


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I joined the group healing sessions in November 2020. I was surprised that I released deep-rooted shame during these sessions. I grew up in a family that carried shame and our family problems were aired in public. I was molested as a teenager and carried this shame for 30 years. Years of shame was finally released completely in these sessions. I am in awe of the techniques used by Aafiyah Practitioners and grateful for the opportunity in the comfort of my own home and privacy.


The live healing sessions benefited me greatly.
I had severe sciatica pain in October and was starting to recover but unable to sit for more than 5 min.
After a couple of times with these sessions I could suddenly sit again for long periods without pain subhanAllah.
This is very powerful if you allow it.
I thank brother Zuhair deeply for giving everyone the opportunity to test it out and I highly recommend attending these sessions.

Z, Norway

I joined Br. Zuhair's healing sessions in November and I was blown away. He talked us through a very powerful healing meditation that just washed away all my aches and pains in my body. Each session that I participated in, I noticed that my body released the aches and pain more rapidly and easily. This amazing feeling, pain-free and calm stayed with me for several days, and then I 'topped up' with the next session. The sessions gave me the ability to allow myself to heal. Totally incredible!


Are you ready to embark on this exciting and transformational journey?

Let's do this!!


  • 3 Live healing sessions with Zuhair Girach
  • Dedicated WhatsApp group support
  • FB group support
  • Exclusive discounts for other Aafiyah Healing programs and workshops
  • One month rolling membership
350 ZAR/month

Subhana Allah. Learned /Learning to Keep consciousness of #Almighty# that is the whole meaning of Emaan. And the Learning of Rabb ul Awal. The time the Last Messenger was born was in the month of spring. Which I have nowadays not very Highlighted # in this generation Education.
When the Purpose of For the sake of light in the world ISLAAM was preached and perseverance to get to this far was by the History of Messengers.
And the resources little there were living within those times.
The True meaning and Devotion are with Tauhed.



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