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With the onslaught of all the pressures and stresses of the modern environment, we as human beings have become detached from our spiritual instincts and thus started to develop all sort of ailments and conditions that were unheard of some fifty years ago. There is a wealth of knowledge and experience behind this service and we sincerely hope that you are able to achieve the well-being, peace and tranquility that you so desire in your life.

As time goes by, more and more people are turning their attention towards alternative forms of treatments and therapy. An instinctive inclination of the body to heal itself naturally surfaces when synthetic drugs and treatments have done little to achieve lasting results.
Every human being has an in-built internal program that knows exactly how to fix the problem at hand, provided that all the conditions for healing are met. This program is called “Body Intelligence”.

Aafiyah Healing

Aafiyah Healing is a natural energy healing modality that focuses on breath and body awareness techniques. It is a combination of techniques put together to help the body and mind to heal and come back into balance

We specialize in

  • Health
  • Healing
  • Balance
  • Enlightenment
  • Tranquility & Peace

Our Story

10 COUNTRIES   UK-Canada-UAE-Saudi Arabia-Denmark-South Africa-Botswana-Malawi-Zambia.

100 PRACTITIONERS    worldwide and growing

10 YEARS EXPERIENCE     in Aafiyah energy & emotional healing and training workshops


For every ailment there is a cure, except death”

Aafiyah Healing


Certified Training

The workshops are called Aafiyah Healing,

Aafiyah is the Arabic word for health and well being.

I will be teaching two workshops :-

  1. Energy Healing
  2. Emotional Healing

The first one is a two day energy healing workshop where you will learn to generate natural energy from your hands by simple techniques I teach you about the way you breath and become aware of bodily sensations. This energy can then be used to realign the body and work on a variety of physical pain and emotional issues. You will learn about grounding yourself. Also how to self heal and heal others by touch or over distance. You will understand how we are all made from energy. 

And when energy level changes in our body we experience pain and discomfort. The healing takes place when we help to restore the energetic balance in the part of the body that is affected. There will be theory and lots of chances to practice with other attendees so I can see that you have fully understood the concept and can apply it correctly.The energy healing workshop is then followed by a one day Emotional healing workshop. Most of our aches and pains and long term debilitating conditions tend to have an emotional cause such as a tragedy or abuse in the past.


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