Ramadhan Momentum

self love May 02, 2023

Keeping up our Ibaadah that we implemented during the blessed month of Ramadhan is just not realistic. Ramadhan is the month of ease, we do way more in that month than we do any other time of the year in the way of actions like Qur’an recitation, extra prayers, listening to lectures and attending the Masjid. Guilt can creep in when we start to let go of our good routines we established in Ramadhan, we can still feel the strong spiritual connection, however even that is dwindling away…how can we keep a hold of this? 

During Ramadhan we change our behaviours towards our daily distractions, we switch off Netflix or reduce our watching dramatically, social media reduced, connecting with others reduced especially that gossipy friend or relative, we avoid them even more than usual. It’s so easy to engulf ourselves into the spiritual realm as we shift our focus to our Devine Connection, and we have a wonderful Ramadhan creating good habits throughout the month....

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The Different Kinds of Family Conflicts and The Emotional Impact (Recovering From Conflict)

islamic parenting May 02, 2023

So far, in this written series we have explored the different kinds of issues families face. Financial, physical, intimacy, infidelity, blended families and toxic family members have all been covered. People are quick to talk and argue about conflict, how often do people speak of the aftermath or the resolution or even the recovery?

Conflict within families, whatever the reason, causes stress. The impact isn’t seen straight away; I had a client who advised me that following redundancy, in his pursuit of a job he had been fine. Once he had found another job, his back had suddenly given way- he had suffered a perforated disc. He was also prone to headaches- which he had never suffered before. Doctors diagnosed a sedentary lifestyle and pain relief. Psychosomatics spoke differently- the client was no longer in a role he loved and so his life’s work had been taken away from him that he had literally broken his back for. The loss of job...

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self love Apr 02, 2023

Our sins and our mistakes can really weigh us down, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. We carry these around every-where, and at times in relationships that we feel we’ve let others down, our motivation for pursuing them can be guilt driven, or we’ve committed the mistakes which we feel we're not worthy of forgiveness. This mindset even makes us feel that we shouldn’t do just the basic in fulfilling our duties to Allah SWT because we are not good enough. There are numerous things that can curb our growth and hold us back, like an anchor to a ship! 

Well-meaning comments from others such as ‘it can happen to anyone, you’re only human’ doesn’t quite cut it…as much as they help us to try and move forward, and we try to let go of the past, it’s easier said than done…in fact we try to numb the guilt or the shame that we may feel and overcome by worthlessness.

What if we could just go on and forgive ourselves for...

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Pineapple Peel (Impressive Health Benefits)

healing foods Apr 02, 2023


Last month I wrote about the Pineapple and the benefits of the fruit pulp. Most of us cut off the thick, prickly skin and just throw it away!!! Guess what? Pineapple peels actually are very helpful and have many medical benefits as well. 

The peel or back of Pineapple (Ananas comosus) is packed with nutrients, antioxidants, and other helpful compounds and can be eaten raw, boiled, or soaked in water. Let’s find out more about the nutritional values of pineapple peels so we stop trashing them.

  • Enhances digestion as the peels contain bromelain enzymes that aid with the breakdown of high protein foods
  • Acts as a diuretic - The pineapple peel contains various minerals that help eliminate toxins. When consumed, the minerals act as a natural diuretic and give your kidneys a cleanse.
  • Relieves cough and catarrh due to the anti-inflammatory agents in the peel. It reduces the mucous blocking the airways. 
  • Improves immunity as it is also rich in vitamin...
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healing foods Mar 02, 2023


Pineapple (Ananas comosus) is an incredibly delicious, healthy tropical fruit. This fruit has a tough rind made up of hexagonal units and a fibrous, juicy flesh which may be yellow to white in color. Pineapples may reach 1.5–1.8 m (5–6 ft) in height. Originating in South America, it was named by early European colonisers for its resemblance to a pine cone.  The pineapple was brought to Europe by Christopher Columbus.



  • Low in calories, loaded with nutrients, like Vitamin C and Manganese.
  • High in Fibre
  • Contains disease-fighting antioxidants that may reduce risk of heart disease, diabetes and cancer.
  • May aid digestion due to the presence of bromelain which is a digestive enzyme that helps breakdown protein.
  • May reduce  risk of cancer. 
  • May boost immunity and suppress inflammation. 
  • Osteoarthritis Relief. 
  • The bromelain also helps to speed recovery after surgery or strenuous...
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The Different Kinds of Family Conflict and The Emotional Impact (Toxic Family)

islamic parenting Mar 02, 2023

In dealing with toxic traits, I started recognising some within myself too.  I took a step back and against my own will – or even nafs – a mental self-awareness came into check.  I started to see all the times I had been wrong.  A sense of shame crawled up and I found myself not liking who I was or had been. 


It’s so easy to pinpoint toxicity in others, but when we notice this trait, pause and do an audit on yourself; did we notice it because we have recognised the same within us?


I recently started noticing things in my own immediate family circle that I absolutely abhorred and it clouded how I saw the other person and my behaviour towards them.  It also left me shaken because I was certain they had lied to me.  I forgot to follow through on my own advice; what can I change and what can I control?  It impacted me more than I liked to admit.  It took me a few weeks to centre myself and find myself again.  I...

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Living with Awe

self love Mar 02, 2023

Awe (noun) – a feeling of reverential respect mixed with fear or wonder.


We all have experienced moments of awe, when you see or feel something which creates a feeling of overwhelm mixed with excitement and surprise all in the one moment. Physiologically your eyes may water, you feel goosebumps and your jaw drops. Whether these moments happen at the tops of mountains, whilst peeling some pomegranate or deep reflection through Qur’anic verses, awe moments are remembered and can at times be life changing. 


Even when we are feeling low, moments like these can be a pickup, and create a shift in your mood.  Awe moments can create shifts as discovered in recent scientific analysis we understand that these awe moments actually have a deeper intercellular movement going on which is good for our health, ‘awe experiences may bring with them a host of physiological, psychological and social effect, for example studies have found that feelings of awe...

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Kiwi Fruit

healing foods Feb 04, 2023


The kiwifruit is a large berry that grows on a species of woody vine in the genus Actinidia. Kiwis have been famously cultivated in New Zealand, but it actually originated in eastern China. 

The kiwi fruit typically grows in an oval shape and is roughly  the size of an egg. Its skin is camel in color, fibrous, and coated in a light fuzz. Despite its fuzzy covering, the kiwi’s skin is edible and tart. The kiwi’s flesh is bright green with rows of distinctive tiny black seeds, which can also be eaten. Kiwis have a sweet, tart, and bold taste — making them a popular addition to a healthy breakfast or lunch. 


Kiwi fruits are high in Vitamin C and dietary fiber and provide a variety of health benefits. Kiwi fruit stands number one in nutrient content compared to 27 other fruits. It is packed with twice the amount of Vitamin C — compared to oranges (per 100 mg) — and has twice the amount...

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What Defines You?

self love Feb 04, 2023

 What defines you?

Is it the car that you drive, the clothes that you wear, the location that you stay? Let's strip that back…Is it your marital status? How many children you have, or who your parents are? Let’s strip that back too.

At times these labels and identities can take us away from the core of who we are, stripping back, without our environmental factors can help us identify how we see ourselves – not as how others see us.

Through this process we may become critical with mistakes that we’ve made, our visual flaws and limitations that we have, our negative self-talk kicks in also known as limiting beliefs.  Messages that we say to ourselves ‘I’ve struggled all my life', or ‘I can’t get anything right’ or ‘I’m worthless’ sabotage our growth, these mental scars last far longer than physical scars. We continue to kick ourselves until we're down.  These limiting beliefs become our identity...

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Entering The Month of Rajab

health and wellbeing Feb 04, 2023

A few days before the blessed month of Rajab entered, I attended a talk about returning to Allah in Rajab. The shaykh beautifully explained that the door to thoba was open to everyone. It was a wonderful reminder as forgiveness requires one to turn to Allah but also to forgive oneself. Often we are our own greatest enemies and we judge ourselves for our mistakes yet they very same mistakes that may be a means of becoming closer to Allah. And truth be told, we would have so much more compassion for a loved one than we do towards ourselves.

The thing I loved the most about the talk was he explained that thoba did not compensate for healing. The door to repentance was open but trauma would not always disappear because you have repented. Sure, miracles can happen, but as Muslims, we can spiritually bypass them. This leads to more physical manifestations of illness connecting to deep-rooted hidden trauma because we have not dealt with the root cause. This talk was a powerful reminder...

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