healing foods Mar 02, 2023


Pineapple (Ananas comosus) is an incredibly delicious, healthy tropical fruit. This fruit has a tough rind made up of hexagonal units and a fibrous, juicy flesh which may be yellow to white in color. Pineapples may reach 1.5–1.8 m (5–6 ft) in height. Originating in South America, it was named by early European colonisers for its resemblance to a pine cone.  The pineapple was brought to Europe by Christopher Columbus.



  • Low in calories, loaded with nutrients, like Vitamin C and Manganese.
  • High in Fibre
  • Contains disease-fighting antioxidants that may reduce risk of heart disease, diabetes and cancer.
  • May aid digestion due to the presence of bromelain which is a digestive enzyme that helps breakdown protein.
  • May reduce  risk of cancer. 
  • May boost immunity and suppress inflammation. 
  • Osteoarthritis Relief. 
  • The bromelain also helps to speed recovery after surgery or strenuous...
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Kiwi Fruit

healing foods Feb 04, 2023


The kiwifruit is a large berry that grows on a species of woody vine in the genus Actinidia. Kiwis have been famously cultivated in New Zealand, but it actually originated in eastern China. 

The kiwi fruit typically grows in an oval shape and is roughly  the size of an egg. Its skin is camel in color, fibrous, and coated in a light fuzz. Despite its fuzzy covering, the kiwi’s skin is edible and tart. The kiwi’s flesh is bright green with rows of distinctive tiny black seeds, which can also be eaten. Kiwis have a sweet, tart, and bold taste — making them a popular addition to a healthy breakfast or lunch. 


Kiwi fruits are high in Vitamin C and dietary fiber and provide a variety of health benefits. Kiwi fruit stands number one in nutrient content compared to 27 other fruits. It is packed with twice the amount of Vitamin C — compared to oranges (per 100 mg) — and has twice the amount...

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healing foods Jan 05, 2023


They were first cultivated in Ancient Rome and are now considered as one of the most popular berry fruits in the world.

Strawberries aren’t really a fruit or a berry, but actually the enlarged receptacle of the a flower that is part of the rose family. They carry their seeds on the outside and develop runners, which produce roots which then create more plants. Once picked they don’t ripen further.


Strawberries are good for your whole body. They naturally deliver vitamins, fiber, and particularly high levels of antioxidants known as polyphenols -- without any sodium, fat, or cholesterol. They are among the top 20 fruits in antioxidant capacity and are a good source of manganese and potassium. Just one serving can provide more vitamin C than an orange.

Benefits from the nutrients obtained from strawberries 

  1.   Helps prevent cold and flu as its Rich in Vitamin C
  2.   help maintain healthy vision and prevent...
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