Boundaries between parents and children

Uncategorized Feb 28, 2022

The word boundaries have come up time and time again via memes, healing bandwagon groups, and friends’ circles.

Recently it came up via a message from a mum. She said ‘I don’t feel respected.’

This is a big thing for me as disrespecting a parent was a big no in my childhood home. The brown parent slipper was always easily accessible as the last resort. What was not accepted was backchat, swearing, insubordinate behavior, and lack of respect for elders. If we ever spoke back or behaved out of line, our parents would want to know why. And then the punishment would ensue.

With my own children, from the onset, I made it clear that violence would never be an option. Having left a violent relationship myself, and living with a brother who thought it was OK to use his strength to control what we said and how we behaved, I could not be the physically abusive parent. So, when people praised my children on their manners and behavior...

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Book Review: Know Yourself

book review self love Mar 30, 2021

"This book is a small hidden doorway to the secret garden of our own true happiness and the prospect of an emotional life free of destructive tensions…"

Know Yourself
Alex Carberry

How do you know when a book is a real gem?

Its beauty, knowledge, connection to your innate qualities radiate spiritually and physically.

As a mother, simply when your child says "can I read that book?"

This is one of those books.

Taken from Sufi traditions, the wisdom of Sufi masters put in plain and simple, easy to read. I devoured it in one short sitting.

I remember years ago, asking a friend, "If you were a season, which one would you be and why?" I knew my answer. 

This book confirmed it as I sniggered and gasped throughout when I recognized myself, my children, my friends, and even my colleague's personality type or temperament. 

Open your eyes to what you subconsciously know about yourself and others.

'Know yourself' helps you to discover your (and others) true nature, to find...

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