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About Aafiyah Healing

Aafiyah Healing is a natural energy healing modality that focuses on breath
and body awareness techniques. It is a combination of techniques put
together to help the body and mind to heal and come back into balance.

Our bodies are made of energy and are reliant upon energy in our day to day
running. When energy flow in the body is disrupted either by physical
ailment or emotions, then symptoms of pain and discomfort arise to highlight
this imbalance.


My name is Zuhair Girach. I have a background in Business Management and have worked for several major blue chip companies before focussing my attention to my real passion which is helping people through the challenges that life has to offer.

Life is an incredible journey and the only way of getting through it is by being of service to others. The spirit of being a community and the reason for being created into different tribes and nations is that we come to know one another. Each community brings its own flavour and expertise on various aspects of how to navigate through this earthly life. When we all come together in harmony and submission to realising our purpose in life, it is truly love and compassion that binds us all and makes the inevitable journey through life more manageable.

Dedicated to excellence and quality holistic & alternative care being offered by both therapists and course providers.


In my quest to help people I underwent training in several modalities including Life Coaching and NLP which then lead me onto acquiring my Diploma in Clinical Psycho-hypnotherapy. After this my attention turned towards energy healing as I was amazed at how it was so effective in relieving physical and emotional ailments within short periods of time without the need for medical interventions.

I studied various energy healing modalities and in the end consolidated all my knowledge and came up with an all inclusive healing modality which I have called “Aafiyah Healing”. Aafiyah is an Arabic word that loosely translates to holistic wellbeing.

I concluded that all ailments have two main components; physical and emotional. Every ailment is like an iceberg. The physical aspect of the ailment is what is above the surface and the greater part is the emotional issue which is hidden beneath the surface.
This name was relevant as I had not come across any therapy that truly provided a holistic approach to healing.

With Aafiyah Healing I aim to empower people to take charge of their own well being in an easy and effective way; a method that can be easily learnt and one that can help deal with a variety of ailments before seeking medical intervention and adding strain to an already over-burdened health system.

I now deliver my certified Aafiyah Energy Healing and Aafiyah Emotional Healing workshops around the globe and have recently introduced the Aafiyah Mindfulness Workshop that is ready to roll out across the nation and online too.

I offer all forms of counselling and therapy sessions in person or online and am able to assist my clients identify their root emotional causes of their ailments in a very short period of time. Thereafter clients are safely guided through a therapy and recovery process allowing them to become integrated into normal daily life with ease.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]