Pineapple Peel

healing foods Apr 02, 2023


Last month I wrote about the Pineapple and the benefits of the fruit pulp. Most of us cut off the thick, prickly skin and just throw it away!!! Guess what? Pineapple peels actually are very helpful and have many medical benefits as well. 

The peel or back of Pineapple (Ananas comosus) is packed with nutrients, antioxidants, and other helpful compounds and can be eaten raw, boiled, or soaked in water. Let’s find out more about the nutritional values of pineapple peels so we stop trashing them.

  • Enhances digestion as the peels contain bromelain enzymes that aid with the breakdown of high protein foods
  • Acts as a diuretic - The pineapple peel contains various minerals that help eliminate toxins. When consumed, the minerals act as a natural diuretic and give your kidneys a cleanse.
  • Relieves cough and catarrh due to the anti-inflammatory agents in the peel. It reduces the mucous blocking the airways. 
  • Improves immunity as it is also rich in vitamin C, so helps the body’s to recover from flu and common colds.
  • May improve female fertility by taking pineapple peel days after ovulation. This might help thicken the lining of the uterus, thereby increasing the chances of pregnancy. It also enhances the level of fertility in women because it contains bromelain.
  • Promotes healthy skin due to the vitamin C and surplus amino acid present in pineapple peel. This helps to smoothen the skin and make it glow. Pineapple peel also contains manganese which eliminates dead skin and reduces aging. 
  • Improves oral health by restricting the growth of Streptococcus mutans due to bromelain enzyme from pineapple peel 
  • You can experience better sleep by taking pineapple peel juice before sleeping. The magnesium present in pineapple peel modifies your blood pressure and also relaxes your muscles to make you feel more relaxed
  • Protects against cancer. A 2017 study found out that pineapple peel was a potential source of antioxidant compounds. They found out that pineapple back or peels contained phenolic compounds, ferulic acid, and vitamin A and C, which exhibited antioxidant activities. This means that pineapple peels might help protect the body against cancer. Another study found out that pineapple peels was effective in combating alcohol-induced oxidative stress. 
  • Destroys intestinal worm due to the bromelain present in pineapple. It is an active enzyme that can eradicate intestinal worms such as tapeworms. Several medical studies have stated that pineapple peel might possess antimalarial, anti-nociceptive and anti-inflammatory activities.
  • Enhanced sexual performance as the juice from boiled pineapple peel can serve as an aphrodisiac for sexual performance. Pineapple peel contains potassium which ensures the proper flow of blood through the arteries during intimacy. The bromelain contained in pineapple peel also boosts the testosterone in men and enhances both men’s and women’s sex drive.

Ingredients And Procedures For Preparing Pineapple Peel Juice


  • 1 pineapple
  • Honey
  • Lemon Juice
  • Clean drinking water


  • Remove the pineapple’s crown, then wash the pineapple with clean water
  • Peel the pineapple and separate the peel from the pulp
  • Submerge the peel in a pot containing water, add some pineapple pulp 
  • let it simmer on low heat for 25 to 35 minutes. Turn the heat off and let this concoction steep for another 30 minutes 
  • add the juice of 1 lemon
  • Add the required quantity of honey (to taste)
  • Sieve the mixture and store the liquid in a container.
  • It also makes for an excellent water-based flavoring substitute worth keeping around your kitchen

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