Self-care through Mindful Meditation

self love Nov 18, 2022

The new buzzwords in healing are Mindful Meditation. Everyone is talking about this and reaping the benefits!

But Mindful Meditation requires free time……what do you do when you have free time?
Do you pick up your phone and start scrolling, or turn on the TV, and listen to a podcast – although this can help switch off from daily stressors – what is even better for your health is Silence and Solitude which can also be labelled as Mindful Meditation.

Silence can bring higher consciousness to intuition, a greater sense of calm, listening to that voice within, what’s it saying? Are you ready to listen? Connecting to your deeper self to grow! These moments of Mindful Meditation give clarity help to make big decisions, stimulate brain growth and relieve tension which helps to feel more relaxed generally.

Science shows that silence itself can rewire the brain to make you more intelligent! One of the most amazing facts I’ve learnt, Studies show that after only a couple of hours of continued silence the brain starts to grow new braincells in the area connected to memory – What!?
This is mind-blowing- pardon the pun! Conditions like dementia and depression are linked to a decline cell production in the memory portion of the brain, this can open doors between the connection between silence and treatment for mental illness.

“Science shows that silence itself can rewire the brain to make you more intelligent!”

Although Mindful Meditation is not new in Islam, it is so deep rooted in our faith as Muslims, from the very first revelation we know that Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was meditating at the Cave of Hira where his Prophethood came to light. We know that good character has a weighty benefit to our scales on the Day Of Judgement however this Hadith also created importance to Silence in long periods:
‘You must have good character and observe long periods of silence. By the one in whose hand is the soul of Muhammad (PBUH), no one can behave with deeds more beloved to Allah than these two.’ Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

The time we live in now which we are so distracted, which make our minds wander constantly this prevents the mind to be settled in the present moment. The need for clearing the mind is great, the need to have that time in seclusion with silence is even greater. Feed your brain with a little exercise to start with, start with small pockets of time and increase as you get comfortable with it.
So, take a moment, yes right now if you so wish or when you manage to get that moment away from the kids or family for a wee while, give it a shot…

  • get a space with no distractions
  • leave the phone in other room so you don’t get tempted to lift!
  • sit silently
  • pay attention to the body
  • pay attention to the sensations that arise in the sitting
  • creating awareness to the body
  • feel the breathing taking place
  • the sounds that you hear - if it’s a fly buzzing around or the sounds of the birds tweeting
    noticing the textures of the materials that you are sitting on
  • the smells around you – whether it’s the coffee that you made earlier, just smells in the air and fully encompassing the present
  • whilst doing this any thoughts that come into mind - allow them to flow in and out as if there’s a breeze of wind that passes by you
  • with no resistance to the thoughts
  • just allowing the flow to take place
  • bringing the attention back to body and breathing
  • feeling at peace in these moments
  • enhancing the experience with awareness of Allah and His Magnificence
  • feeling the gratitude for all the things that you have
  • you are given everything within His Profound Blessing and Wisdom.
  • sitting with that feeling,
  • let the silence do its work…

A few moments work to start with..

Then ready to get your sleeves rolled up and get back to work!

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