Ramadhan Momentum

self love May 02, 2023

Keeping up our Ibaadah that we implemented during the blessed month of Ramadhan is just not realistic. Ramadhan is the month of ease, we do way more in that month than we do any other time of the year in the way of actions like Qur’an recitation, extra prayers, listening to lectures and attending the Masjid. Guilt can creep in when we start to let go of our good routines we established in Ramadhan, we can still feel the strong spiritual connection, however even that is dwindling away…how can we keep a hold of this? 

During Ramadhan we change our behaviours towards our daily distractions, we switch off Netflix or reduce our watching dramatically, social media reduced, connecting with others reduced especially that gossipy friend or relative, we avoid them even more than usual. It’s so easy to engulf ourselves into the spiritual realm as we shift our focus to our Devine Connection, and we have a wonderful Ramadhan creating good habits throughout the month. As soon as Ramadhan is over, we reconnect, so we start back on Netflix, go back on Social Media and reconnect with the gossip…no wonder the spiritual connection dwindles…let’s not let our hard work decline away, continuing even pocket of our habits created can become our norm.

But how?

Allah SWT has given us an opportunity of 6 days of Shawaal to continue fasting with, we’ve already created the habit of fasting throughout this previous month, to help continue this we need the anticipation of that reward and in this instance we all know too well that with these 6 days we get the reward of a full year of fasting, Subhan’Allah, our brain creates endorphins when we think about the reward, endorphins help to maintain habits just on anticipating the reward. We don’t see or feel the reward of a full year of fasting however our brain releases endorphins and that helps us to keep going in that habit.

 Using this strategy, we can implement small pockets of Ramadhan habits to continue maintaining some of the momentum built, anticipated rewards could be the reward of Jannah, sins being forgiven, gaining closeness to Allah SWT, perhaps create a picture in your head about what it’s like to be in Jannah, who you want to be with, what your home will be like and how it would feel getting all that you desire by just thinking about it; your endorphins will be running wild! 

Allah SWT has given us the knowledge of what our actions lead to, such as in one hadith Prophet Muhammad PBUH said that a person who recites Subhan’Allahi Wa bihumdihi a date palm tree would be planted for him in Jannah, in another narration from the Prophet Muhammad PBUH it is stated that the one who reads Surah Al Kahf on Fridays will find his entire week enlightened until the next Friday (Al Jaami). Allah SWT has set us up so our endorphins can be released on knowledge of our rewards of good actions, Alhumdulilah. 

Our aim is to become better people, be people of worship, which is our main purpose of life. To enhance ourselves from one Ramadhan to the next and always be on a journey of improvement in life. Let Ramadhan be the catalyst for this improvement and live life with accountability, so make yourself accountable for that decision to move on with the momentum built and become your better self❣️

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