Unravelling Roots

self love Jun 02, 2023

A large oak tree stands tall, looking healthy and strong. Little birdies come along and settle on its branches, whilst other birds and animals feed off its rich food source; acorn. People sit under the tree as its branches reach high and wide providing shade from the sunshine, the admirer however does not realise what is going on underneath below the surface and underground within its roots. The roots of the tree have become diseased, unless treated or if the tree does not fight back, the tree will suffer, eventually the problem below the surface will manifest above ground. 

Much like the large oak tree, we also fester with deep rooted issues inside us, but our onlookers, our friends, family, colleagues and even ourselves many a time may not always be aware of what’s going on internally. 

We manifest our emotions through the trials that we have had in life, some huge events that take place in our lives which go against the nature of our souls, the core of who we are, you know those moments we have all been through, like a large pane of glass falls and shatters in our lives, those moments are transformational. 

When our soul cries…

These transformational events can be buried in the depth of our souls however when the soul is, crying and doesn’t get our attention; those pains and difficult moments start to manifest in our emotions; when our emotions don’t get our attention; those pains and difficult moments start to manifest in our bodies – which is how disease comes about.

The intelligence of the cells in our bodies reacting to the perceived environment brewing inside without any hint…until we get a diagnosis of a disease, curbing our lifestyle, our health, our options in many ways.  

Allah SWT puts us through tests and trials and sometimes it’s through a disease. When we are tried, we go back to Allah SWT, through these tests our sins are purified and helps our Imaan to increase, and we know that Allah SWT tests those who He loves! If we had no disease, we would not appreciate health. As Muslims we should be optimistic in every aspect of life, it’s always for the best even through huge difficulty. 

Diabetes, hyperthyroidism, endometriosis, arthritis, polycystic ovaries syndrome, skin conditions and the list can go on… What do these conditions have in common? Research has shown that 95 % of physical conditions have emotional root causes.

An example of this can be - polycystic ovaries syndrome also known as PCOS, which is when cysts grow on the ovaries. Women suffer this condition when they have had to take on roles or responsibilities well before their time in their childhood, taking on a masculine role, feeling undermined as a female, and quite frankly this little girl has had to pave her way in her life through tough struggles and trials which the body then manifests accordingly. When she needed help, she wanted to scream and shout, she stood her ground, she became the male figure to fight the battles she needed to fight…

Now her body produces higher levels of the hormone testosterone, she has an irregular menstrual cycle, struggles to conceive, gaining weight, and unable to deeply connect with her feminine side. Her mind and body are shouting I need to be a man, I need to protect and can’t let my guard down…whereas in the heart and soul are saying, I want a break, I want to be nurtured and taken care of, I wants to become a mum and rekindle love and affection. The conflict between body, mind and soul are staggering her progression…. She feels stuck! 

Just as this one example of a disease and its emotional journey also known as ‘root cause analysis’, other diseases have their own unique emotional journeys. Though therapy we confirm the journey resonates with clients, then start to unravel those thoughts and patterns to move away from the mindset those tough times have created, the change in emotional state which in turn affects the physical condition, by the Will and Mercy of Allah SWT who provides Shifah as stated in this Hadith by Sahih Bukhari. 

Prophet Muhammed (SAW) said ‘Oh people! Be treated! There is no disease that Allah has created, except that He also has created its treatment, then seek treatment’.

Did you know up to 30 percent of the symptoms can be healed by just knowing why you are suffering them and understanding the conflict behind the condition?! So don’t go on feeling you need to live tied to a condition, it doesn’t need to be a lifelong sentence…there is work to be done!  

Much like the large oak tree, the tree surgeon can come out and check in on those roots, and offer support before things manifest, similarly working on emotional baggage can change your journey, lessen your burden, and put you on track to a lighter and brighter future. 

Take action, make contact, we can help you through your struggles and take your journey step by step at your ease. Bismillah to take that first important step. ❤️

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