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Zainab Patel



In the name of the Almighty and the best names that belong to Him, who says Be, and it is. All healing is attributed to Him and small me has been blessed and full of gratitude to embark on such travel where I have been able to facilitate a fraction of another person’s healing journey.

How it began…

I started this path by being ‘pushed’ into it. My aunt and brother constantly told me something was wrong with me, why was I not listening? And not listening has been the theme to my life until I came across this modality, which taught me to become completely aware of my body and what it’s telling me; to listen to the body. It began with the Deep Trauma Release workshop.

The workshop in 2019

When I embarked on this, the workshop was for myself to help me deal with the tests of a second marriage when I hadn’t healed from the first, chronic pain, and the constant wear and tear of living life blinkered. I had never imagined helping anyone else with this! But my brother helped run a clinic already called The Revival Pod, at the heart of Leicester and so whenever a client was not helped via his method of natural bamboo healing, he would call me. I felt scared and nervous; my confidence has never been great and I have always been afraid of failing. Soon after, I needed a room of my own and The Revival Pod ran many treatments and we were short on space, so my brother opened a clinic of his own where I could work with a safe space. We named it Al Shifah Wellbeing Centre 187D Green Lane Road, Leicester LE5 4PD. I didn’t imagine that the little humble room in the clinic would be the beginning of something a lot bigger!

How it progressed

With little confidence in me, I was seeing people shakily! But, the beautiful thing is, that as long as I followed Ustaad’s process and handed the outcome to Allah SWT, then I don’t have to worry. I just need to trust the process, research, be prepared beforehand, start every session with my protection duaas and the intention that this session be fruitful for the client and the practitioner and those involved. SubhanAllah. And fruitful it has been for me and the messages of gratitude! The smiles and the thought provoked looks of deep contemplation from every person who has been part of my journey has been so rewarding, that even on a bleak day where my negative thought patterns would follow me like a shadow, they would break. Each client has come to me with a message on a day when the message doesn’t come to me through my own head and clarity. They deliver the message in the most beautiful way, such as in Case Study 3, the young wife who is stuck in a toxic pattern. Or Case Study 2, the man with control issues so severe his neck refuses to be anything but rigid (this made me acutely aware of my own pain in my joints!). When we hand the outcome to Allah SWT everything falls into place. Or the various clients with sciatica and back issues. Chronic pain is something I am grateful to be free from, by Allah’s mercy. Alhamdullilah. 

My experiences of the workshop

I didn’t like crowds in particular so my first workshop made me uncomfortable and was out of my comfort zone. I suffered from overworking myself, my day began at 5am and finished at way past midnight. I had to keep busy, I had to prove my worth in my work, I had to run away from my own thoughts. Ustaad demonstrated the emotional healing on me, back then it was RTR, and now known as ART / ERT and he asked me, why do you need to feel so busy? What are you running away from? It was incredible, but even then, I didn’t register what he meant exactly until I did the ACE Self Development course and I quietened the ‘busy-ness’ in my head and knew exactly what I was running from. From the first workshop, I knew two things; focus was needed in my life and repair to my children’s lives. I started to focus on changing my thought pattern and straight away, the repair started happening with my children. The energy in me shifted and the first people who benefitted were, Alhamdullilah, my children.

My second experience was on Zoom, and it was even better because the lack of physical proximity of other people sharpened my focus and I learnt things that I had missed before. And just as the first workshop, Ustaad was engaging and informative and enlightening. I love any new knowledge that comes my way and every time we visit the Nafs section I realise where we could be as an Ummah and where we are (in despair) are worlds apart but if we focus on just us, it starts the ripple effect. The natural high of the workshop is addictive, and Ustaad’s teaching method is so effective in breaking down what would normally be intense methods to simple techniques that anyone, including me, could implement it.

My life post Aafiyah Healing

I’ve become mindful of the patterns that put me on autopilot so the day starts with salaah, but then I sit for as long as I can, tapping the tasbeeh Fatimah on my fingers to ask Allah SWT ease from my tasks and workload. Then I carry on with the protection duaas.
I used to nervously chatter if there was quiet because anything that provoked thought made me on edge; now I love the quiet.
I was addicted to my work and now I cannot wait to leave it and pursue something with an aspect of healing to it.
I have learnt healthy boundaries and recognised toxic patterns that I kept inviting into my life with the lack of poor boundaries.

Where I would stay quiet if I witnessed abuse within the family, I am now able to speak up about it. I recognise when I am being manipulated and instead of responding as a people pleaser I can leave without disturbing my peace of mind. I am able to speak to my ex and have contact without being triggered which has benefitted my children hugely.

The most rewarding impact is on my children; they are happier and more resilient. My middle child was incredibly clingy and almost non-verbal but now is confident, speaks well and does not cry at all. He has incredible resilience, MashaAllah.

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