Aafiyah Healing Practitioner's Journey

Usman Qureshi


My Journey to Aafiyah Healing


Aafiyah healing, at its core is non-intrusive but its emotional healing power, though profoundly simple, reverberates with impactful resonance.

My journey with Aafiyah healing has been transformative, guiding me through encounters with well over 150 individuals. With each session, I delve deeper into the cauldron of human emotions, enriching my empathy and understanding. As I immersed myself in this practice, I became finely attuned to the concealed struggles beneath seemingly composed exteriors. Aafiyah unraveled the hidden traumas that often veil the human spirit, illuminating the path toward healing. What astonished me was the revelation that, through this practice, I not only facilitated healing in others but also learned to liberate myself from negative influences, nurturing a profound sense of grounding.

Self-reflection became a poignant aspect of my journey. I confronted past choices and traumas, unraveling my emotions, some of them very deep-seated. Through Aafiyah healing, I discovered the art of letting go, enabling me to embrace self-love and face the future unburdened by past pains. I recognised that many of my past actions were responses to my own unresolved traumas, a realisation that has fostered profound personal growth. On this road of self-discovery I began, in my day to day existence, to extend the gentle touch of healing energy to those around me, to help lift them.

One of the most touching moments in my journey occurred during a session with a grieving widow. Her spirit, heavily burdened by sorrow, found solace in the energy I shared. With a simple gesture and the healing touch of Aafiyah, I encouraged her to smile. The transformation was nothing short of astounding. She felt joy, radiating a light that persisted even days later. In these moments, it felt as if we were witnessing Allah's divine healing unfolding right before our eyes, with Allah being the ultimate healer—Al Shafi.

Through the simplicity of Aafiyah healing, profound transformations ripple through lives. It is not just a practice; it is a channel through which Allah's healing grace flows, mending broken spirits and illuminating the path towards wholeness. As I continue this journey, I am filled with gratitude for the direction Aafiyah healing has given me. It has become more than a practice; it's a calling, a purpose that resonates with the very essence of my being. In each healing moment, I find a deeper connection with the Divine and a profound love for humanity, nurturing a sense of purpose that enriches every step of my path.

This commitment to service aligns seamlessly with the teachings of the Quran and the wisdom of Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ). The Quran advocates collaborative righteousness and compassion, while the hadiths emphasise the immense rewards of aiding others, emphasising kindness and empathy. Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) said, “If a person alleviates the suffering of a fellow believer, Allah will alleviate his suffering on the Day of Resurrection.” The Quran, in Surah Al-Ankaboot, verse 69, reassures, "And Allah is certainly with the good-doers." This affirmation amplifies the significance of virtuous deeds and compassionate assistance, emphasising the duty to support one another in acts of piety and righteousness, while shunning participation in transgressions. Narrated in Al-Bukhari, the Prophet (ﷺ) conveyed that Allah will seek recompense on Judgment Day for instances where we failed to extend aid to the sick, hungry, or thirsty.

This sentiment is encapsulated in a supplication of the Prophet (ﷺ): "O Allah, I seek from You forgiveness and well-being in this world and the Hereafter." (Allahumma inni asalukal ‘Afwa wal Aafiyah, fid Deeni wad-Dunya wal-Aakhirah).

In conclusion, the rewards of assisting others through Aafiyah healing are multifaceted and far-reaching. Through this practice, I have witnessed firsthand positive transformations; individuals shedding traumas, embracing gratitude, and discovering strength through spiritual connections. Profound gratitude is owed to Allah for guiding me to my teacher and big brother, Zuhair Girach of Aafiyah Healing. This holistic Aafiyah journey has been a blessing, one I will be eternally grateful for.


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