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Saleha Islam



How I came to find out about Aafiyah Healing

My journey to Aafiyah Healing started in 2014. I had been feeling overwhelmed at work for various reasons, I was always pushing myself to do better, but what I was noticing was that I was incredibly stressed. I had several ailments, aches and pains in my joints and inflammation that was making me gain weight. I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes and high BP. I was restless and sleepless. Angry and lacked energy with my loved ones.

I had already been initiated into energy healing through Reiki in the early 90’s and believed in energy work and completed Reiki level 1 and 2 and practiced this for several years on family and friends. However, I had some hesitancy about the method although I was trained by Muslims and their Sheikh was also a reiki healer.

I was exploring energy healing online as I knew that at some level there was something that needed to be addressed. Having gone through so much trauma in my life, some of it in my childhood, my body had trapped emotions that talking therapies had not fully uncovered and I should know I am a psychotherapist and social worker.

I am a wonderful therapist, I know that from my years of work with clients, but as the adage goes you cannot heal yourself there will always be blockages you cannot see or do not want to.

I knew from our faith tradition that Allah has a cure for everything and so I carried on with the search making dua that Allah would lead me to what I needed.
I continued my own studies about energetic medicine, auras, chakras, and other forms of healing modalities. I also came across several people who worked in the field and one woman, said that I had lots of energy gaps in my body. She was not Muslim but on hearing this it piqued my interest even more and I continued to search for a solution that would not conflict with Islam.

We plan and Allah is the best of planners, one day whilst I was going through some paperwork, I came across Zuhair’s leaflet about physical and emotional healing from a workshop that he had done for a charity up North. I called the number, to my surprise he answered, as he was about to leave on a flight to South Africa to deliver an Aafiyah training and so we agreed that I would contact on his return.

Sometimes when we have experienced long term issues, we forget where, how and why it started. I had got to the stage where I felt numb so did not even know what I was feeling. The good thing with Aafiyah is that I did not need to go into any depth of ‘talking therapy’ I just had to locate the pain, think of the issues and where it was trapped and use the process to let go.

I had some online sessions with Zuhair and felt some improvements straight away, we discussed my other energy work and how reiki may not fit within an Islamic framework and so I stopped using that.

I wanted to learn this method, it was a brilliant tool for many people who do not want to have talking therapies and are compounded with physical ailments that often doctors are unable to provide an explanation for.

In 2016 I arranged an Aafiyah workshop in London where we had a group of people, both male and female attend this also included my children, who learnt the Aafiyah model with me I wanted them to use this in their personal lives like an emotional first Aid kit.

As I began to use the method, I also identified there were other issues that were affecting my wellbeing and so I also did the deep trauma healing course. Emotionally we can be like an onion; we have several layers to go through to heal and learn the lesson that we need to.

I have learnt a lot about healing and personal growth from my personal journey and the journey of others, ultimately healing comes from Allah, but Allah guides us to people who will help us on our journey of healing.

Secondly one must want to be healed, so many people say they want to get better but would rather remain in the situation they are in because there is benefit in them remaining in that state.

Illness is a manifestation of what has been going on for us, over years even decades, our mind and our hearts take on beliefs and stories that invade from our past into the present, so it can take time to remove the layers of emotional baggage and we each go through the journey piece by piece when we are ready.

I have used Aafiyah Healing on lots of people both men and women, children, animals, and even my house plants. Aafiyah Healing is amazing, it can be used with any other form of treatment, or talking therapies, unless there is some form of negative energy in which case it is best to be avoided until the person has had ruqyah and is well.

The Aafiyah modality encompasses direct hands-on alignment healing, distant healing and alignment, emotional healing through EFT (along meridian points which are used in acupuncture). ART is another technique in the methodology to release blocked energy at the precise point of pain.
I have been blessed to come across Aafiyah healing. I have benefitted enormously. I have shed lots of weight, I am prediabetic and control the high BP alhamdulillah my relationships are better, and I have let go of so much emotional baggage Alhamdulillah.

I am trained in other forms of psychological wellbeing and coaching and Aafiyah fits in perfectly as an additional tool for overall wellbeing.

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