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While browsing through Facebook one day, I came across a very interesting post. I was instinctively drawn to the contents of this post. It was about the Aafiyah Healing webinars led by Zuhair Girach. And then I found out a friend of mine had also completed it who convinced me to go for it, as it had been beneficial to her.

Although I believed there was a good reason why I saw this post at this point in my life, I joined with somewhat uncertainty. I remember asking Zuhair that are these sessions like counseling/ talking therapy sessions. As I had been through those in the past and they hadn't helped me. He said no, they're more than that. And was he right or what! As soon as we started, I was on an extraordinary emotional adventure!

I was amazed at how he was able to help us even without knowing exactly what had been happening in our lives. Although we all had our own separate traumas, we were able to face and deal with them, in the same way. And to be to a part of a support group, with others supporting, sharing and working on their own traumas just brought a sense of “I am not alone in this” feeling.

After the first session alone, I started feeling a sense of peace and relief. And when we completed the first task, my inner being begun to feel liberated! I could actually feel the unnecessary burdens I had been carrying, lifting off my shoulders. I started feeling a sense of joy and excitement. I couldn't wait to relieve my body of all the other negativity that had been building up over the past many years, with other issues. I did manage to process quite a lot
of trauma just through the techniques taught in these webinars.

I do not claim to be 100% fully healed, as this is a process ongoing, and will always be an emotional adventure. But I can now safely say that Alhamdulillah thanks to Zuhair’s amazing teachings, I am equipped with the necessary tools to be able to continue healing me and be in better control of my emotions, insha’Allah.

March 2020 – AAFIYAH LEVEL 1…

Just over a year on, I started feeling inclined towards doing the 2-day Aafiyah Healing Workshops! When it was advertised that it is coming to Bradford, I knew I just had to take this opportunity. I felt the urge to learn more about it and with the tools in hand, I wanted to start helping not just myself, but my family and others. So I booked myself in for this too. But due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the live workshops were changed to being online instead. I was a little
pessimistic at first with this idea; because I much rather preferred the idea of seeing people face to face and having interactive workshop sessions. But I went ahead anyway as I didn’t wish to delay it further.

It actually went better than I expected. It was a nice group. We soon got comfortable with each other’s online presence. It was a very informative and interesting weekend indeed! The gems of knowledge that have been passed down to us are so precious, and so meaningful, especially for this day and age where the dire need for physical and emotional healing is peaking!

And so my journey into pursuing to become an Aafiyah Practitioner began…

As I started to delve deeper into Aafiyah, seeing clients, and understanding exactly how these negative emotions cause chaos and destruction in the body, I started to feel the need to remove more of my own dark blankets, woven with negative emotions! I started to allow light, positivity and energy to envelope me instead, and I noticed changes within me… for example; a reduction in general body aches, neck and shoulder pain/stiffness, anger and in anxiety

I started appreciating the blessings around me. I started searching for the positives in situations as well as people. I started seeing the glass as half full instead of half empty! I learnt how to raise my vibes through smiling more often, breathing correctly and through zikr/salawaat too. I no longer felt fear of what people will say, or try to please them. Instead I felt I wasn’t affected by their attitudes or hurtful words as I used to be in the past. And because my Vibes changed, they also changed their behaviour, tone and way of speaking with me.

Losing my dad in 2020, after losing my mother 8 years prior to that, was a big blow to us all, especially for me and my siblings. But Aafiyah gave me strength to get through it. The Aafiyah family (people in our Supervision group) was so kind and helpful in sending healing to my dad in ICU, while I was unable to due to worry and panic.

After submitting my completed reports, I qualified as an Aafiyah Practitioner, being certified through IPHM
(International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine)


Because I work in secondary schools, and see first-hand what teenagers are going through in these times, their emotional health and their coping mechanisms, I decided I wanted to help them through what I have learned. So I created a set of workshops, especially for Teenagers. This was a great success and I had amazing feedback from teenagers and parents alike. This is something I plan to continue doing in the future and possibly bring into schools too, insha’Allah.

October 2021 – AAFIYAH LEVEL 2…

The next step up to enhancing our skills and knowledge was Level 2 in Aafiyah Healing – in order to become an
Aafiyah Master Practitioner. This was an amazing, and extremely insightful few days of online workshops. We delved deeper into Metaphysical health, other energy healing techniques, and advanced methods to work on emotions. It was amazing from the very start to end. Currently we are training in this while applying the techniques along with Level 1 techniques, with our clients, during sessions. The results are generally incredible, Alhamdulillah!


I was approached by a Community Centre asking if I could do a wellbeing session with Urdu Speaking Adults. Being an Interpreter too by profession and so keen on Urdu, I decided to give it a go. I not only delivered a session but designed visual slides with Urdu worded information, for them to see and follow. The adults found it all so very informative and it also gave me more of a confidence to be able to speak about mental wellbeing and explain our
techniques in the Urdu language too. I plan to do more of these in the near future, insha’Allah.


Currently, as well as offering sessions to clients, I am also actively trying to get Aafiyah Healing out there, telling people about what I do, and how I can help. I have recently attended a Women’s enterprising Network Event in which I was asked to be one of the guest speakers. I am networking with people and businesses, in order to put myself out there, and be able to help others with my Aafiyah tools and knowledge.

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