Aafiyah Healing Practitioner's Journey

Rayhannah Omar


  My Journey to Aafiyah Healing


With the Name of The One,

Who grants with knowledge and                                     

Who is the knowledge...     

In the Name of the Infinitely Merciful.



Over the past decade, I witnessed the journey of many a friend & relative:                                               

Years of chronic pain, released.                                                                                 

A marriage on the rocks, revived.                                                                           

A haunting trauma, relinquished.                                                                                                     

Such was my initial introduction to Aafiyah Healing. Through my tribe – and strangers – who, over the last 8 years found their lives transformed, emotional baggage released, and physical pain released by the Help of The Almighty, through Aafiyah Healing.                  

And I was in awe: as a counsellor and talk therapist for almost 2 decades, I had yet to come upon a modality that could elicit rapid, lasting changes in the wounded.                                                                                                       

I began following the Aafiyah Healing social media page, listened to interviews and podcasts by its founder Zuhair Girach, and my intention was set: I would one day, inshaAllah, learn Aafiyah Healing, to help myself & others.

Living in the opposite end of the world, I knew that there may arise the need for me to travel abroad to learn Aafiyah Healing: over the next 5 years, I put aside a regular amount from my coaching income, to prepare for that. I eventually reached a point where, my family & I had decided I would travel abroad to learn Aafiyah Healing, should the opportunity not arise in Malaysia within the next year.                                                                                                          

At the start of 2019, The Almighty blessed my family & I to travel on the Umrah. This was one of the things I prayed for; in the Haram Al Shareef, at the Hateem, I asked my Lord to grant me this gift of Aafiyah Healing.                                                                                                                                               Soon after returning to Malaysia, I leant that Aafiyah Healing would be coming to Malaysia. A dua, a dream, come true!


Progress since the workshop …

I recall leaving Day 1 of the Aafiyah Energy Healing modality, only to discover a sty on my right eye, and sought to apply the techniques learnt that day. I awoke to a perfectly healed eye!

Over the course of the next year, I saw how Aafiyah Healing changed my life for the better: but not only mine – my family, friends, colleagues, and clients. Even complete strangers!                    

Aafiyah Healing had given me a solid foundation on how mind-body-heart-soul all worked through Qudrah (Life Force Energy), created by The One and Only. Everything made sense; everything fell into place!

I went on to use Aafiyah Healing to facilitate my wellbeing, ease & recovery / progress with issues that included, amongst others:                                                                                          

  • Debilitating monthly menstrual pain (22 years)
  • Improved eyesight (30 years)
  • Sustained, realistic weight loss with a compassionate outlook (12 kilograms+)
  • Modification of my eating plan (whole foods plant-based)
  • Altered my outlook on physical movement
  • Enhanced language skills acquisition
  • Visited my dream Island!
  • Visible stress reduction during high intensity work projects
  • Improved decision making
  • Restful sleep
  • Consistent relief from bodily pain & inflammation
  • Making peace with old emotional wounds
  • Resolved my cat’s phobia (5 years)


The list is … endless!


All made possible by my Merciful Lord, and the gift that is Aafiyah Healing.

AlHumdu Lillah, wa Shukru Lillah.

Aafiyah Healing truly taught me how to challenge & change my ingrained patterns and habits, live in the present moment (NOW), and equipped me with the tools needed to process memories in a safe, empowering, quick way.


     It’s what helped me thrive through the last year of challenges, including:                                          

  • Sudden of multiple family members & peers
  • chronic mental & physical health diagnosis of loved ones
  • Covid-19 pandemic                                              
  • Fitnah-mongering & harassment (social media attack on Aafiyah Healing)                                                                                                      
  • Self-Healing
  • Another aspect of my self-healing has been my improved eyesight which, AlHumdulillah, can be attributed to Aafiyah Healing principles. I have been near-sighted for most of my life, wearing spectacles for the last 30 years.
  • My healing method, since mid- 2019 until present day, remains the same:
  • - Raising my vibrational levels: finding 1 new thing to be grateful for that I can see with my eyes, energizing my eye-drops and contact lenses solution, morning and evening initially, and then increased it to after every of the 5 daily prayers: reading the affirmation for myopia, whilst in Xbrain posture and recently, introduced in tapping on the three-eye area tapping points, actively searching out to see the good that exists in the world and humanity, by following such pages on social media (this impacts upon habits and belief systems), internalizing the affirmation for myopia: working on dissolving my fear of the future & trusting in it.

This meant I needed to check my language patterns, thought patterns, and how and what they translated into. This has been ground-breaking! More reading on self-development, both from the Islamic as well as conventional angle, including daily meditation, attending mindfulness webinars, all played a pivotal in improving my eyesight.

Through therapeutic journalling and tapping, layer upon layer, I was able to get to the core of some limiting beliefs pertaining to the future. Here, I needed to work upon childhood trauma, abandonment wounds, and emotional enmeshment.

  • Eventually I visited the optometrist for a comprehensive eye examination.

After the testing, the optician looked puzzled, and said to me that my eyesight had improved in the last few months and what had I done for that to happen? According to my maternal family eyesight, I should be coming in by now to be diagnosed with astigmatism and here I was, coming because my script was too strong for my improved eyesight! My script reading went from -5.75 to -4.00 & I can exercise & swim without needing them.

  • I continue with what I call Aafiyah Healing maintenance: daily energizing, affirmations with tapping.



How interaction with clients has changed my perspective on healing …

  • Recognition of mind-body-soul connection
  • Realized how vital the breath is to healing & recovery; how we forget to breath! Breathing is everything when it comes to keeping us alive and well.
  • The client himself/herself must want to heal. It is not something that can be forced upon or done on behalf of the client. It is a deeply personal, individual choice and this must be respected
  • The many misconceptions out there on what healing constitutes: there is so much of pain that people are in; silently living with that pain because they do not know there is a safe platform for release & healing – without needing to divulge or regurgitate entire life stories (leaving clients vulnerable)
  • The importance of practising emotional detachment during healing sessions
  • Through online sessions with clients, discovering how diverse our World is: different cultural sensitivities, greeting etiquettes, and especially more so with older people – who need those extra few minutes to connect & build rapport
  • Learning through the significance of detaching from desired outcome: if the client heals, AlHumdulillah; if the client does not heal, AlHumdulillah, too.
  • I am NOT the healer, nor can I rescue my client. So humbling. The Almighty heals – only Him. Tawheed is central to the facilitator’s personal growth & spiritual, healing integrity.
  • That healing can be simple & time efficient
  • Every ailment has a ‘life cycle’
  • Challenging the narrative, we’ve always thought to be true: that months or years of therapy or healing sessions are needed to overcome long-standing trauma
  • Body-mind awareness is vital for healing
  • How energy healing accelerates the body’s ability to heal
  • How energy healing alters the client’s consciousness
  • The client is the ‘healer’; because his/her body intelligence is fixing themselves
  • It is the client who has the problem / issue – not me
  • A different type of compassion, mercy, and empathy has settled within me through this work: and I pray it is of the Muhammadan prototype
  • The healing effects of regular grounding
  • When the client’s energy shifts, it allows the mind to think of other solutions
  • That healing requires forgiveness, self-love & Rahmah. And 3 of these principles can be activated through Aafiyah Healing.
  • There is no place for arrogance or impatience in this lifelong journey towards Healing
  • Healing is a lifelong process; it is something we must become acquainted with; we cannot rush it – healing happens in its own time, as prescribed by The Almighty.
  • Healing requires effort: while we may not always be responsible for what has happened to us, we are indeed responsible for our healing.


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