Aafiyah Healing Practitioner's Journey

Naasiha Haffejee


My Journey to Aafiyah Healing


My sessions began within the October 2022 workshop. I was seeking for a modality to assist in helping my family and myself heal with non-invasive measures. I was referred to the modality by a family friend who practiced Aafiyah healing. I was a stressed-out mother (mother of 5) who would be triggered by multiple aspects in life. I lost my joy and was constantly tired and disconnected from my soul. After the initial sessions in the workshop, I felt extremely energised, calm, yet nauseous. Grounding assisted. I saw immediate shifts within the children as well over those three days. The results amazed me. The children were calmer. After the workshop I learnt how to practice the Aafiyah healing. I practiced much healing on myself and my children. The results were profound. My body reacted extremely well to the healing modality. I spent time on realignment for myself when I needed it (influenza, body pains). I fell in love with the tapping. It resonated with me and it ‘just worked’! Grounding has become part of my lifestyle. I have a passion to read self-help books and attend self-help workshops, but I always felt like there was something more out there… Aafiyah healing was that something more that I yearned for!

I completed the Deep trauma release course in November 2022 as well. I needed to work on my irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). I have much respect for the Deep Trauma Release (DTR) course. It’s a brilliantly designed course. It’s as if layers of a rose are peeled off, to reach the beautiful bud that you are. Its profound. It shifts the body. It brings you back to a place of self-love which is beautiful. It ties in with the Sufi concept of ‘the begging is the end and the end is the beginning’. One ‘emotionally dies’ and becomes ‘reborn’. I have rediscovered my ‘being’, and found my long-lost joy within. I am a much calmer individual after all the self- focused work. With the Aafiyah healing, I increased in mindfulness. The DRT not only assisted in healing my IBS by 90% but also helped me identify that I was a victim of anxiety. It helped resolve that. DTR removed a layer from me that spiritually blocked me. The DTR and Aafiyah techniques assisted in me healing from the following: IBS, chronic knee, wrist and lower back pain, vertigo, depression, candida, anxiety, bleeding piles, low energy/fatigue, low self-confidence, fever blisters and low immunity.

I am grateful for serving the 120 hours. During the hours I have learnt much knowledge. I have gained insight and experience and this has contributed significantly to my self-confidence and self-development during sessions with clients. My intuition has also heightened. The Aafiyah family (Brother Zuhair, mentors and fellow practitioners) have been beneficially informative, supportive and offer a positive learning atmosphere. I feel so grateful to be supported by the Aafiyah network; it is a positive network. It’s fantastic to have a network around you which constantly strives to elevate others emotionally and spiritually.

To conclude, I love the Aafiyah healing modality, I have a passion for it. I love the link between Islam, Aafiyah healing and Positive Psychology. It’s as if I have found my calling and my identity through this modality. The journey has bettered me as an individual, I am calmer, peaceful, stronger in emotional resilience and I am in touch with my body, mind and soul. I have developed a softness to those around me with a deeper understanding of how trauma alters behaviour. I have developed self-love and self-confidence over the journey. As a practitioner, it would be a blessing to assist another in the discovery of their own beautiful journey

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