Aafiyah Healing Practitioner's Journey

Fatima Noor Chand



I always thought I loved myself.
I really did.
Know  Myself.
Trust  Myself.
Value Myself.
Accept who I am and stand  My ground.
Well, for starters I began working with a Kinesiologist - Ruqyah & Aafiyah Practitioner who With Allah's Permission released trauma. Alhamdulillah.
(I wanted a magic pill. I wanted to get results asap).
Little did I know, I had a long journey ahead of me that would return me to my true self and allow me to fully feel self-love & my worth.
So many of us focus on our past or worry about the future and it messes up our thoughts and feelings and vibration that we are giving off to others. Stay focused in the present moment–if you are washing the dishes–focus on the washing, if you are in the shower–focus on washing your body, if you are driving–focus on the driving. These are three key times during our day when our thoughts go into OVERDRIVE.
The past = fear 
The future = worry.
Soon, you’ll be able to notice those negative thoughts and you’ll view these thoughts from a higher level. You’ll learn how to be at peace with them instead of unconsciously repeating these thoughts over and over again to yourself, which in turn negatively effects your well-being and healing.
It’s taken me 3½ years to say that I love myself so much that nothing- YES nothing- on the outside can bring me down. I’ve learned how to create a safe place - inside of me and share my knowledge and wisdom from my heart in hopes that I may inspire others to take a different path with their wellness and realize they have a choice. We can end up down a road on pharmaceutical drugs with a band-aid on our forehead or we can dive deeper, get to the root cause and heal our minds with joy & unconditional love.
Live in the Present 
Alhamdulillah wa Shukrillah.
I hope this little insight into my healing was helpful…
Allah reward them in all the work they do. Allah grant all success &  increase in a desire for knowledge that will strengthen and make their Duaah’s a benefit for all those around THEM
Insha'Allah Ameen 
Alhamdulillah Wa Shukrillah 
My Testimony  
Bismillah hir Rahman nir Rahim
By Allah's generosity I attended the Aafiyah Energy and Emotional healing workshop and was blown away by the Knowledge that Hajji Zuhair was transmitting Alhamdullillah wa Shukrillah.
The course really focused on the above mentioned aspects and much much more by Hajji Zuhair.
The entire workshop has been nothing short of a major shift in my own Being. I came seeking how to better understand and help myself, family & others, and have walked away connected to a completely different perspective.
Hajji Zuhair's teaching method of the workshop was truly life changing. He has a very deep understanding of the conditions and needs,  especially how we can use this Shared knowledge within the  Islamic structure. I would  urge anyone who seeks Holistic Healing to attend.
If you are seeking to gain immense knowledge come with an open heart, mind and the best of Intention for healing and wisdom and then drink yourself full, with all the knowledge transmitted.
Alhamdulillah wa Shukrillah
ALLAHUMMA, when we witness sunrise we have no knowledge of what the Day holds in store for us, Allah (st) has knowledge of all things.
Allah humma, We ask You for days filled with Your  BARAKAH, Guidance and Protection.
To Hajji Zuhair his Family May each day be filled with the warmth of Allah's Love kindness & Rahma. To all the Lovely Ladies,  May Allah (st) Inspire & guide all of us that we may be grateful & continuously make Shukr for the favors which Allah has bestowed upon us. Insha'Allah Ameen
Throughout the Workshop this Qasaid was on my mind.
"Withdrawal from all that is other than ALLAH"
Qasida by: Shq Muhammad ibn Al Habib. (Rahimullah).
My Ruh speaks to me and says, ‘My Haqiqa is the Light of Allah,  so look to no one except Him.
If I were not a light I would be other-than-Him. Indeed otherness is nothingness, so do not be content with it.   
If you look with the eye of your Secret you will not find a trace of other-than-Allah in either earth or heaven.  
But the illusion of other-than-Him hides Him. So combat your desires if you wish to see Him.  
Board the ship of the Sunna and you will be rescued in it,  and travel the path of its captain in his love.  
Unite the wine with the goblet and be annihilated by it,  and you will obtain going-on by His secret and sublimity.
See His Tawhid with the eye of inner sight, but  separation is His Shari’a so do not forget it!  
Make your concerns one, and by Him all your needs will be met, and you will enter into His protection.   
Hand over your affairs to the One Who knows them best,  for He is the Aware Who knows our hearts and their desires.’ 
O Lord, bless Muhammad, the secret of existence And its source and splendour. 
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