Aafiyah Healing Practitioner's Journey

Fahmida Abdul Gaffar


My Journey to Aafiyah Healing


When I first heard about Aafiyah healing from a friend, I felt a sense of excitement.

Before I discovered Aafiyah healing there were a lot of patterns in my life which was on autopilot. For me this healing has been nothing short of a miracle. I have had a lot of ‘Ahaa’ moments. I was in total shock when I discovered I was a people pleaser. I thought I was being kind but instead I was giving my beneficial time an energy away spending it on people who did not matter. I was giving away my time to other people when I needed to be selfish with my time and use it to heal my own body, mind and spirit. I was also giving my power away to other people.

I am going to work hard on taking charge and being responsible for my life. I was constantly scared of making minor and major decisions but now I am confident that its ok even if I make the wrong decision because life is a learning curve. I also left all decision making to my children and they were getting fed up with doing so and they told me to make my own decisions. I was constantly self-sabotaged and inflicting self-punishment on myself. Every second of my day was filled up to the maximum. I had no time to look after myself. Even when I was working, I would constantly bombarding my brain with YouTube videos. It felt like I was scared to be with myself. Perhaps fear that I will remember my past and experience pain. Havening has helped greatly to make me learn to love myself again. I am fearful of authority figures, and I have been working hard on this issue. There is so much healing work that needs to be done, and it's being unravelled piece by piece. My life is always chaotic and that is probably what is reflecting in my brain. I have the same patterns being repeated i.e. always in a hurry, experiencing anxiety which then triggers a diarrhoea attack as well as having issues of what to cook daily. I am looking forward to continuing my healing journey to see what unravels next.

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