Thank you for a brilliant workshop. I am so excited about all that I have learnt.
Personally I am extremely grateful for being able to attend this course as it has already helped me with physical and emotional problems I have been trying to deal with for a while now.

The simplicity of it all is actually so profound … a huge eye opener, on so many levels, on how to live my life here in this world and how to prepare for the hereafter.

I have started using the techniques last night on my three daughters  (ages 13,11 and 4 years), who are very different in their personalities as well and have been bickering with each other for a while now. Alhamdullillah this morning’s school-rush was very peaceful as compared to other days. My older daughter who normally stresses a lot was much calmer and actually smiling through it all. Alhamdulillah.
I will work on them more later on today as well to help them with other issues….

I have also kept a reminder alarm on my phone for the Aafiyah healing bubble time …
Looking forward to practicing and implementing all that was taught on this amazing course.

Shukran again …words cannot express how grateful I am to you for compiling this course.

May many more individuals come on board to learn and practice Aafiyah Healing …InshaAllah


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