As Salaam Mu Alaiykum Brothers and sisters

Ahlan wa sahlan

Welcome to the Fourth issue of our Aafiyah Healing Newsletter.

In this issue we will address Anxiety, as our ailment for the month. This is something most of us have experienced in our lives. Our super food for the month is Chia seeds. This powerful antioxidants are used for anxiety as well. In our exercise column we also focus on exercises to reduce anxiety. A must read so that you can educate yourself as well as members of your family so that you can alleviate anxiety when it appears.  We also have added a delicious calming smoothie for this month which will assist you if you are suffering from anxiety.

Meet our new practitioner for this month – That would be yours truly. JRead about our latest workshop testimonial as well as client testimonials

We hope to hear from you. Please share all your testimonials so that we may add them in our Aafiyah Newsletter so that we all may learn.

Happy Reading…..


Nadia Latib

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