Meet our registered Practitioner of the month.

Our Certified Practitioner for this issue is Aminabie Dastagir Harnekar. This is what she has to say:


CELL: 081 2707317
[email protected]
I am Amienabie Dastagir Harnekar, Energy Healing Therapist and life coach.
Life has taught me many valuable lessons and in so doing with my passion for helping people I could see a huge need. The need for teaching and empowering people.
I believe that we can make positive changes in our lives to live a healthier life – body, mind and spirit. A journey of getting to know one’s self, and our creator.
I have worked with many clients and facilitating positive changes in their lives, empowering them to stand in their own power, has in turn impacted in other areas of their lives and their relationships.
Based in my modest home in Mitchells Plain I work daily between 9am and 2pm. I work by appointments only but will facilitate my clients in emergencies as life cannot be dictated.
I facilitate many workshops, two of which are very popular, like the Focus in Salaah and Transform your life. These workshops teaches you powerful practical skills, helping you along life’s journey. They are powerful and life transforming. Through these workshops and talks I focus on creating awareness of the Body, mind, spirit connection.  I work with people from all walks of life and religion.
I love energy healing as a medium to make a difference in lives. My work encompasses many aspects such as dealing with pain, phobias, traumas, fears, emotional issues and so much more.
I have been working in and around the broader Cape Town community and abroad. Hosting as well as exhibiting at many events in the hope of exposing our communities to natural healing like Aafiyah, Life coaching, and many other different modalities.
I am passionate about my work and love what I do. This is my purpose and I love to inspire, motivate and uplift.
I present a series of workshops depending on what’s needed and the audience I have.
The workshops are fun, practical and easy to understand. Through the workshop you are taken on a journey of self-exploration, all the time keeping our creator in mind. I believe that its time that we need to start living from the heart again, going back to our spirit connection. I teach many different skills that can help anyone and everyone.
Anyone can do them and all that is required is to have an open mind and a willingness to learn and make changes.
The workshops are designed to make us think differently, to look at life and situations from a positive perspective. Motivating us to want to make changes. I teach you skills to help yourself and those around you. When we start changing what’s inside of us can we make changes in the world and we heal.
I have worked with people from all walks of life – professionals, housewives, teens, kids and even disabled.
Many have made huge changes in their lives and taken their own power back. Some outcomes of the workshops are – Relationships improve, people learn to know themselves, they heal – mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.
The healing sessions helps with physical pain and ailments, emotional issues of all kinds past or present. Forgiveness to heal.  It helps with phobias, fears, stresses and anxiety.
Having said all this – healing is each one’s responsibility, and each one heals in their own time all by the power of the All mighty. We are all instruments of change.
Once again let me say – I am passionate about what I do and I believe that through my work I can make a difference in this world.
Call or what’s app to book your healing session or workshop to experience what cannot be expressed in this biography.
Life’s a journey — reflect and see the miracles. Love life.

How to become a Certified Practitioner

Students who wish to pursue the path of becoming a Certified Aafiyah Healing Practitioner will be required to attend the one day certified emotional healing workshop. Thereafter a total of 80 hours of energy healing and emotional therapy sessions with clients will be needed to be done and recorded. A single client may be seen up to a total of three times.   Upon completion of the 80 hours, the student will be required to submit a brief report about their own learning outcomes. Before Certification is done, students must repeat the Aafiyah Healing Course again to further cement their understanding and methods of best practice.

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