Meet our registered Practitioner of the month.


Our Certified Practitioner for our first issue is Naeema Ahmed Bhayat. This is what
she has to say:

اسلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته
My name is Naeema Ahmed Bayat.
A proudly certified Aafiyah practitioner. I completed my hours in December 2016.
I am also an accomplished specialist in MRI and a Meriflexologist.  I am also
completing my studies on Treating with Tissue salts.
My path to becoming an Aafiyah healing practitioner began after being

misdiagnosed multiple times with Epilepsy.  Upon leaving the hospital and being
told there isn’t much we can do for you I stumbled upon holistic medicine.
I was treated by an Aafiyah Practitioner who gave me hope of having a normal
life.  Alhamdulillah it was through her patience and determination that I had a
new lease of life .
I then started a whole new chapter in my life. I began to experience the freedom
of love within myself and self- healing.
It was not long after that I myself ventured on to doing the AH course with Zuhair.
Alhamdulillah I have successfully treated bipolar disorders , epilepsy, tumours,
cysts, post-traumatic stress clients, claustrophobia and depression to name a few.
I practice from home , however due to my work at the hospital I only see clients in
the evening.
My mission is to give humanity a chance to rectify their outlook and see life in a
more humble and positive way. I stand firmly and with conviction on Life is what
you see in it. In that very same breath, Allah SWT is everything you expect from
Him. Hence the laws of attraction are true to its every word that if you see hope
there will be, if you feel success; you will be, if you endeavour to be an eagle and
glide above the crowds you will feel the freedom of life.
Love and duas.
Naeema Ahmed Bayat

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