This workshop is now available to download so you can follow through the meditation sessions and go through them in your own time from the comfort of your own home.

This amazing workshop teaches you the concepts of meditation, mindfulness and dhikr from an Islamic approach.

As most people find it difficult to meditate or to find that calmness in the midst of their busy schedules. These workshops explore various techniques taken from Quran and Sunnah that can help alleviate unnecessary stress and buildup of further emotional baggage.

Each session will constitute of a talk about the topic and pointers given from an Islamic point of view of how to maximize the benefit from every session in a practical and easy to understand manner. Each session will be approximately 1 hour.

There are four prerecorded sessions; 

Course Outline

Week 1
Understanding what meditation is
Understanding the concept of Dhikr and its forms
Importance of daily Prophetic Supplications for Protection and before meditating
Reconnecting with the body through breathing and visualization
Meditation session

Week 2
Deeper concepts of dhikr
Elaboration on the importance of self protection through prayers
Simple daily supplications to increase mindfulness during daily chores
Learning to breathe correctly
Guided meditation using visualization

Week 3
Understanding the connection between emotions and health
Learning about becoming PRESENT and staying in that state
How to increase that PRESENCE in Salah
Guided meditation of how to use breathing for physical ailments

Week 4
Summarizing all our learning over the previous weeks.
Utilizing breathing techniques to help deal with emotional issues
Understanding our true reality and learning to observe the bigger picture
Guided Meditation

The above content is subject to change depending on the dynamics of the class.
Times may also vary in case of unforeseen circumstances.

Limited spaces. Online sessions will take place on YouTube and participants will be sent a special link. You can access it via your phone or your laptop. There will also be a support group for after care.