Letter from the founder: Zuhair Girach


I remain humbled and in a state of gratitude for the opportunity that I stumbled across in being able to share my knowledge of healing in a simple and effective manner.

I am grateful for every interaction between myself as a practitioner and my client where I am able to witness as the signs of relief from pain or deep sorrow
overcomes the client as we work through the issues.
My driving force is the ever-growing global Aafiyah Family; their love, dedication, selflessness and commitment towards achieving an important objective of life; servitude of mankind. Not a day goes by now that someone somewhere is not receiving healing from a member of the Aafiyah Healing family.
The world is drowned in sadness and pain and in most instances there seems to be no escape.
How far is that from the reality? With all our cases as practitioners, we are able to guide our clients into a safe place. A haven where they begin to believe in the
ability for the body to heal itself by Allah’s will. We are able to witness pain dissipate and emotions melt away.
An even greater sense of fulfillment is achieved when thirsty yearning souls are reconnected back to their Lord; when the client is able to realign their true
objectives and begin living with a real purpose. This is where we as practitioners begin to appreciate the deeper wisdom of Allah in the form of the ailment was
only a way of calling that person back to Himself. My blessing as a practitioner is that Allah allowed me to be that facilitator and I will be rewarded for that also.
So far, in such a short space of time, having achieved so many positive outcomes with clients worldwide, I truly believe we have only yet begun to scratch the
surface of what is humanly possible in taking ownership of our lives and begin to live in the way that has been prescribed in the Quran and the Sunnah; not only for ourselves but also to inspire our clients and community.

So with this I conclude that may Allah grant us all Aafiyah in our Deen, Dunya and Aakhirah.

Zuhair Girach
Founder of Aafiyah Healing

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