A Day in the Life of an Aafiyah Practitioner
(Aminabie – Cape Town)

Aslmwlkm Br.Zuhair

Just thought I would share my experience of yesterday.

I travel via taxi so it’s an experience on its own. More like sardines in a moving can/ vehicle.
This lady gets in next to me and as she sits the front passenger closes her door. Lady next to starts to scream……my hand, open the door!
The door got closed on her hand. ouch
She was in a lot of pain.
Immediately I start doing Aafiyah. I sandwich her hand and sent energy. At first she was screaming and in a lot of pain. Two of her fingers felt numb already.
I just sent energy and asked her to breath. After five minutes she asked me what am I doing?
By this time we had gathered an audience. All the passengers had their eyes on us.
She started calming down.
She tells me the pain is less but fingers is still numb.
I carry on doing Aafiyah.
After another 5 minutes she’s shocked and smiling.

If you had not been here I would have been in so much pain she says.
She couldn’t stop thanking me.
This is all in a day in the life of an Aafiyah practitioner. Any time anywhere..
Moments to be in service to our community. Needless to say I had many questions to answer after that.

I am grateful for the opportunity to make a difference in my life and those I come into contact with. A journey of a lifetime.
Enjoy the ride.

Thanks Zuhair for your commitment to making a difference and teaching so many Aafiyah healing.
Love and light.

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