As Salam mu Alaiykum. I am a qualified Physiotherapists and I went to Nadia who is also physiotherapist, as well as an Aafiyah healer for treatment. I presented with left shoulder and neck pain and she treated me twice – physiotherapy sessions. My pain reduced very slightly. Nadia then told me that she was convinced that my pain was emotional and that I should consider doing the Aafiyah Emotional therapy. I agreed, even though I had no idea what Aafiyah Healing was all about. At my next visit to her she gave me an in depth explanation about Aafiyah and how it worked. We then did the therapy. She assisted me to recall an event that had occurred in my life, which I thought did not affect me, but it turned out that I was so attached to it, and it was this event that actually caused my pain. I found it so hard to let go. It took her a while before I could say I had released it all. I was extremely emotional during this therapy. I had somewhat mixed emotions. The next day, I called Nadia to thank her for assisting me. I felt as if a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders, and the best part was that I was pain free.

My dua for you Nadia and all Aafiyah healers is that Allah continues to work through you all and heal others, May you be prosperous always Ameen

Lots of duas

S Abdul.

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