The benefactor of a host of physical ailments that have at times been almost fatal but mostly detrimental to a holistic way of life.

In the current day and age at least 70 % of people live a routine life based on sourcing an income to feed and educate a home.  Of that number many are working in jobs where they are predisposed to continuous RF interference.

On a daily basis we find that by giving 110% at work and chasing the career goals for self-esteemed accomplishment, we are faced with high levels of stress and often the loss of self. Being so focused on achieving the virtual reality of being the best, we send our bodies into such a spin off that it exhausts its supplies and sets of all types of Alarms; from short term stress causing insomnia, anxiety and night sweats to long term results such as heart diseases and cancer.

Knowing all of this, we are still self-absorbed in a thought that stress is part of life and we can’t live without it.


Firstly let’s go back.

The term “stress” was given to non-specific responses of the body to a demand for change. It was titled such in 1936 by Hans Selye.

This term was borrowed from physics. In Physics it is used to describe the force that produces strain on a body (eg wood, plastic etc).

The measure of this stress related to a human being is SRRS (Social Readjusting Rating Scale). To calculate ones score, add up the number of “life change units” that may have occurred over the last year. This will give you the risk that your body is under.

Eg . Death of a spouse is 100, personal injury is 53, major Mortgage is 32, change in sleeping habits is 16 etc.

The question that is left: How do you adjust to an ever changing life?

This is where Aafiyah healing plays a crucial role. With the rebalancing of the energy flow, Aafiyah healing restores the ability to deal with external changing patterns.  The body goes from a short fuse state to a feeling of calm. From the very first session the resonance is altered and the client feels more comfortable in facing daily challenges.

With emotional healing and release, the body goes into a commonly used term “detox”. By detoxing the body of the free radicals that were absorbed during the negative challenging event and mending the area permanently the cellular restoration of the body begins.

Once the body begins to start the process of self-healing the client is able to face life with a different perspective.  Therefore with the combination, the client sleeps better has lower cholesterol levels, is less prone to heart diseases and diabetes, is more focused and a lot calmer. This is just mentioning a few examples.


Naeema Ahmed Bayat


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