She walked into the room, the sound of chatter filling its entirety, she looks around and her eyes meet unfamiliar faces.  The overwhelming feeling of insecurity overtakes her as her pulse begins to rise, a warm flush changing her rosy pink cheeks to Red.

His name is called at the long-awaited interview. As he raises from his chair, his breath quickens and his heart begins to pound. “I got this!” he says walking towards the glass doors. However, his body was sending a different message, his palms became sweaty and his blood flow that increased made him feel slightly light-headed.

In both these scenarios and many others, the body’s ability to re-enact a past event and the physical feelings that one encountered is undermined.  In most cases there is an underlying feeling of insecurity or lack of self-esteem that accompanies the current state of anxiety. It is also related to post traumatic stress and obsessive-compulsive disorder. Anxiety has been the energy force from many external ailments, such as, work stress, change in environment, new job, new child, new sibling, exams, targets unmet and the list goes on.

To beat this feeling though is rather easy.  By becoming familiar with the triggers and releasing the events of the subconscious past, with the assistance of a qualified Aafiyah practitioner, you will soon develop a new sense of inner security.

The boundaries that your mind set will fizz away and you will find yourself on a new journey, reaching new goals and being surrounded by positive enthusiastic people.

Naeema Ahmed Bayat

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