Ailment of the month in focus: The Big C


The dark cloud that hovers with such empowering forces because Western
Meds have declared it…. Hereditary.
Many have probed into just the mere thought of it, undergoing multiple
tests that may have proven a false positive.
Really thou… what is it? Where does it come from and why is it that so
many people across the world are being diagnosed with "Cancer"?
Yes this is a topic is vast, and "opinionated" by conflicting ideas between
western and holistic medicine .
In my opinion it is a dis ease process of years of trapped anger and
frustration. A build-up of harboring ill feelings to one or many persons or
events. I may be opening a "can of worms", but the prognosis of patients
receiving holistic treatment and pharmaceutical treatment are reflections
one should honestly regard as eye opening.

After personally treating multiple cancer clients and having interviewed
patients that chose to go Holistic, I see cancer in a very different light.
I call it forgiveness therapy. Tapping into the deep subconscious through
regression therapy and energising the body with Aafiyah,  to bring about
calm and ease, clients have felt burdens lifted, mended wounds and felt
the true power of letting toxic events go.
The outcome of which has been minimal or no western intervention,
shrinking of masses and ease of pain.
Naeema Ahmed Bayat

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