Ouch it Hurts!

The sudden onset of a chest pain, the rush of blood to the face, the feeling of overwhelming fear. What is happening? Am I having a Heart attack?

Now slowly access the pain.

Many of us are so quick to “jump” to the conclusion that we are suffering from the worst possible ailment. Have you ever found yourself saying to yourself while experiencing a headache, I must have a tumour.  YES??!  Well for many if not most people these are alarm bells that the body is sending to say, STOP.

Pain is a resultant effect that presents at the onset of any kind of emotional stress. Depending on the area that is in agony, if one for a moment stops to access the type of pain and source the root course, you will soon find that almost 90% of the pain is due to a digested emotion or negative event that has decided to make its appearance. Yes it is emotional. No, I am not saying that one is a time bomb of emotions waiting to explode on a psychiatric chair, I am saying look within the self and self-heal.

With Aafiyah healing we are able to source the root course of the pain and evasively remove it. In just one session we have had results of measured  pain reduce from ten to zero.  Of Course it’s a hard pill to swallow, when you realise that the pain that has been nagging for the past 10 years is non-existent after you faced the reality of that event. However, I can assure you that releasing these toxic events and thought processes attract a much more favourable life ahead.

With Aafiyah healing, we manage to align the body unblocking the 12 energy pathways in the body and dislodge/release the surface emotional points. Its outstanding results have left a path of healthier people that deal with life and live life pain free.

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